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Did you know that 3.5 million people die every year from a water related disease?

Photo credit: Josh Etsy / Care International Did you know that approximately 3.5 million people die every year from water, sanitation or hygiene-related causes, and that nearly 99 percent of those deaths occur in the developing world? With the above facts in mind I’ve decided to do a charity walk in March 2015 under the […]

Taragalte Festival, Morocco

Today’s guest post was written by Robert Plum. The 2013 Taragalte Festival is running from 15-17 November and is something that has to be seen and experienced to be believed. Literally set in the Sahara Desert, it aims to celebrate cultural exchange and sustainable development through tourism, with a programme of world music, exhibitions, shows […]

Is it safe to travel solo in Morocco?

(Please note: Before you read this article I would like to state for the record that I enjoyed my time in Morocco thoroughly. I visited not once but twice last year, spending a total of 2 months in the country because I enjoyed my time there so much. It was the most challenging destination I have been […]

Photo of the Week – At the beach in Tangier, Morocco

Vlog: How to dress in a Muslim country (Morocco Edition)

I released this vlog a week or so a go on YouTube, and thought it would be cool to share it on here with you. The idea for it came after spending some time recently in Morocco as part of a tour to the area sponsored by Busabout. I’d found that a lot of people […]

Picture Post: Runaway Jane in Morocco (With Busabout)

First Impressions of Essaouira, Morocco

Essaouira is a beach town on the coast of Morocco, around 2 hours drive from Marrakech. I spent 3 days there as an add on to my Busabout 8 day tour of Marrakech & the Sahara. It’s a really cool little town, and is actually somewhere I am considering as a base in the near future […]

Looking for trip ideas? Try Busabout…

The of you who’ve been following me on twitter or facebook may have seen my updates about my recent trip to Morocco. I recently took an 8 day trip of Marrakech & the Sahara Desert with the tour company Busabout. I can honestly say this was one of if not the best trips I have ever taken part […]

First Impressions of Marrakech… It’s Mental!

Marrakech is madness! I love it! However, it can also be a bit overwhelming at times… especially in the beginning. I learned and experienced more during my week or so in Marrakech than I have in any European city, and I was only just an hour and a bit away from Madrid by plane into North Africa! In Marrakech […]

3 Moroccan Meals You Should Try…

One thing I love most about travelling is getting to taste the local cuisine wherever I go. Having just spent 2 weeks in Morocco, these were 3 yummy staple dishes that the country had to offer, and that I recommend you try should you wash up on Moroccan shores! All of the following were meals […]