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3 Thai Festivals Not To Miss!

Today’s post was written by Jeremy from The World or Bust. While many people that book a holiday for Thailand are seeking out the warm, bright sunshine that tropical climes offer, this fiercely proud nation also has more than its share of cultural attractions.  Whether you are planning a trip to Thailand through a travel […]

A Guide to Visiting Holi Festival (India)

Today’s guest post was written by Karen Bleakley. The Holi Festival, or The Festival of Colours as it is also often referred to, it is an iconic Hindu religious festival primarily observed in India. During the celebrations you will find many smiling participants throwing brightly coloured powders at each other as the festivities take to the streets! It is celebrated across the […]

Is Istanbul Safe Post-Taksim Protests?

When Istanbul’s Taksim Square protests commenced on 28th May 2013, like many people I watched the scenes portrayed across our news screens with deep concern. I was appalled at the Turkish government’s reaction to what started as very peaceful protests. The original protest, which was in fact a sit in to contest the urban development of Istanbul’s Gezi Park, resulted in a brutal eviction. […]

First Impressions of Istanbul (Turkey)

I visited Istanbul recently as the final destination of my latest trip through Eastern Europe. It was a city I had heard great things about and so I was very excited to arrive. In total I had 6 nights there. These were my first impressions; A different feel to Eastern Europe Istanbul is a transcontinental city, […]

Tips for planning your trip to Cambodia, Angkor Wat, and beyond…

Today’s post was brought to you (and written) by Travel Indochina. Planning your holidays in Cambodia should be a pleasure, not a chore. Researching, reading, trawling review sites or speaking with good tour operators is part of the fun. To make things a little easier we’ve put together a list of must-sees in Cambodia. From […]

Things you should know about India before you go…

This is a guest post by Amanda King from From someone who has traveled extensively around Asia (I lived in China for a year and traveled decently far afield) I can tell you that the Himalayas are a proper division between India and the majority of the rest of what is considered “the East.” […]

When is it best to experience Angkor Wat Temple, Cambodia?

Today’s post was written by Nikki Selwyn. Nikki has been travelling around South America and South East Asia since the beginning of 2008. The Angkor Wat temple is the largest temple and a major architectural testament of the world that portrays the rich style of the Khmer architecture. My first impression of the Angkor Wat […]

A closer look at the Yangtze River, China

I’ve been researching some of the best rivers in the world lately, that would be good for kayaking. Kayaking and canoeing are two things that I used to love doing whilst growing up. Lately, since moving to Sevilla for the summer, I’ve been thinking of taking it back up again, and it’s got my mind […]

Do you want to join me on the Trans-Mongolian Express?

Today I booked my tickets to Moscow, which will see me departing Edinburgh and stopping off in Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, and Riga, before ending up in Russia’s capital city. The entire jaunt will be done predominantly by train, with one bus journey between Warsaw and Riga being the only exception from rail travel during the […]

Phoking Around Phuket

Today’s guest post is by Kirk Shackleton. Kirk was reared in Australia’s Outback before travelling extensively across the globe, eventually settling in London.  He is passionate about food, travel and any sport that isn’t cricket! Gap years are in vogue.  Whether taken before or after university, as a break in the middle of your career […]