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How to apply for your Australian tax back

Getting back on your feet again once you come back from a long trip can sometimes be a little bit difficult. Usually the reason you’ve come back is because you’ve spent every penny you had on your travels. The good news is if you worked abroad during your travels, particularly if you were on working […]

Australia Vs New Zealand

When it comes to travel down under, both New Zealand and Australia offer so much for any traveller looking to have a good time. Whether it’s beautiful scenery you want, adventure sports, or just to lounge by the beach, both countries combined really do have it all. When choosing where to base your first working […]

How to travel cheap in Sydney

Right now in this current economic climate, Australia is one of the most expensive places in the world to travel for a budget backpacker. It is the only country it seems in the western world to have avoided the worst effects of the economic downturn (due in most part to it’s ties to Asia and […]

Blogging for NZ

When I first saw the reports of the devastating earthquake which hit New Zealand’s South Island on 22nd February (one month ago today), like many people I watched in both shock and horror at some of the heartbreaking images being displayed across our tv screens. With any major disaster like this, you always feel great […]

Top 5 Things to do in Melbourne

I love Melbourne! It’s a city full of culture, character, and energy. So often however, it is over looked by its neighbour Sydney in international ad campaigns. So much so, most people aren’t aware of all that Melbourne has to offer as a city until they visit Australia and see for themselves. I also love […]

Airline Travel Fees – know what you’re paying for

Todays post is brought to you by Airfare prices are at an all-time low as budget airlines frantically compete to offer the lowest prices on the best flights. What many passengers scooping up cheap tickets may be surprised to learn about are the additional charges and fees for what used to be considered a […]

Top 5 Things To Do In Sydney

I spent 3 months living and working in Sydney before moving on to other areas throughout Australia, on my last visit to the city. In that time I managed to get a much more in depth view of what life was like from a local’s perspective there than I could have otherwise. Equally, I was […]

Things I Will Miss About New Zealand

Today’s guest post is by Ross Cameron from New Adventures In Backpacking. Ross is approaching the end of his year long stay in New Zealand, and 6 months living in the city of Wellington. He writes about the things he will miss upon leaving… For me one of the best things about travelling after an […]

Photo of the Week – MCG Stadium

The enormous MCG Stadium, Melbourne. Taken with my camera phone.

Photo of the Week – Chinese Gardens, Sydney