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7 Interesting Facts About the Frasassi Caves

The Frasassi Caves are by far one of the most incredible areas of natural beauty I have ever seen in Italy. The dark pools of crystalline water and humongous stalagmites and stalactites are an entirely natural phenomenon, something which only adds to their extraordinary appeal. In a country where your first thought is usually of the food, art, or history, it was a surprise […]

An Instagramer’s Guide to Marche, Italy

  This past week I had the opportunity to shadow some of Europe’s top Instagramers around the region of Marche in Italy. As we toured, explored and photographed Marche I couldn’t help but be over-awed by the natural AND man-made beauty of this place. If you’re someone interested in visiting beautiful destinations then you’ll love this stunning Italian region. So with that […]

Video: 5 Ways to Say ‘Drunk’ in Scottish!

I’ve been spending a bit of time here at home in Scotland after my latest big trip away, and when I’m back I often make these silly videos (see below) about my home country. They contain vital information such as (in this case) 5 ways to say the word ‘drunk’ in Scottish! If you know […]

Premier Inn Newcastle Quayside Review

This past weekend I stayed at the Premier Inn Newcastle Quayside hotel. For those of you who may not know, the Premier Inn (formerly known as the Travel Inn), is the largest UK hotel brand with over 650 hotels and 50,000 rooms. They focus primarily on the budget end of the market, offering affordably priced hotels rooms across the UK. It […]

5 Things to do for Free in Newcastle (England)

Photo credit; chakchouka via Flikr Following on from yesterday’s 5 free things to do in London, I thought it would also be good to look elsewhere in England for free things to do. Often people who visit England only come to London, so I wanted to inspire you go further afield with this next article! BALTIC Centre […]

5 Things to do for Free in London (England)

Photo credit; E01 via Flikr London is an expensive city. There is no getting around it. However, whilst certain things in the city might be extortionate, there is actually a surprising amount of things to do for free in London too – if you know where to find them. Below are 5 examples of things you can do […]

Is Istanbul Safe Post-Taksim Protests?

When Istanbul’s Taksim Square protests commenced on 28th May 2013, like many people I watched the scenes portrayed across our news screens with deep concern. I was appalled at the Turkish government’s reaction to what started as very peaceful protests. The original protest, which was in fact a sit in to contest the urban development of Istanbul’s Gezi Park, resulted in a brutal eviction. […]

Where to escape the crowds in Tenerife

Today’s guest post was written by Hari Apostolides. Spectacular scenery. Stunning beaches. Thriving cities and a fast and furious nightlife. All of these things make Tenerife the ideal holiday destination. The only problem is that you’re not the only person to have noticed the island’s long list of positives. In fact, hundreds of thousands of tourists […]

First Impressions of Istanbul (Turkey)

I visited Istanbul recently as the final destination of my latest trip through Eastern Europe. It was a city I had heard great things about and so I was very excited to arrive. In total I had 6 nights there. These were my first impressions; A different feel to Eastern Europe Istanbul is a transcontinental city, […]

First Impressions of Veliko Tarnovo (Bulgaria)

I visited the beautiful city of Veliko Tarnovo for 2 nights on my recent tour of Eastern Europe. These were my first impressions; Bulgaria’s most beautiful city? One of the best things about travelling by rail across Europe is that you often find and stop off in places you would never have experienced otherwise. Veliko Tarnovo is […]