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What I’m doing 10 months on from becoming non-nomadic

After spending most of my life (since the age of 17) travelling, in April last year (9 years on from when I took my first trip) I decided to return to Scotland and officially become non-nomadic. As a full-time travel writer and blogger for around 6 of those years, it was not an easy decision to take. I knew that doing […]

Thoughts on the UK General Election Result

I couldn’t quite muster the energy to write this post in the immediate aftermath of the UK General Election. Aside from the lack of sleep that comes with doing an all nighter to watch the votes come in, I wasn’t entirely sure if we’d got the result we wanted in Scotland. On one hand I was over […]

While you holiday in the Mediterranean this summer, migrants are dying in it.

Apologies for the severe tone to the headline of this article, but the unfortunate reality is that it’s true. While many of us in the UK & Northern Europe will spend our holidays in Mediterranean resorts this summer, many migrants seeking asylum will die trying to cross the Med from Africa and the Middle East. And the worst part of […]

Ch-ch-changes! Becoming a social issues blog!

  As some of you may have noticed over the past year, I’ve not been updating this blog anywhere near as much as I used to. To be quite honest, I’d kind of lost my passion for it. It was getting harder and harder to make a professional income from travel blogging, and to be […]

10 Things You Should Know If You’re Coming To South America

I recently completed 5 months of travelling in South America, and as with any place that you have spent several months in, you learn a lot while you’re there. Despite being an experienced traveller before this venture I’ve learned a lot about travel (and life) since I came and went to South America, much of which I could […]

What to do when your bank blocks your bank cards abroad

Photo credit; Philip Taylor via Flikr There’s nothing worse that going on holiday or going travelling and finding your bank have blocked your cards for security reasons. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence amongst travellers as banks see foreign activity on your card, i.e. withdrawals or payments abroad, as suspicious activity. They think that someone […]

What is the fascination with lying by a pool on holiday??

Maybe I’m weird (and I’m not ruling this one out) but I have yet to understand why so many people spend every day of their holiday just lying beside a pool. And I mean every single day. I don’t get it. It’s boring, usually too crowded, and if the be all and end all of […]

Does the consumer economy prevent us from travelling?

What makes (or made) you want to travel? Were you born into it? Did someone inspire you? Were you just bored of the humdrum of life back home? It has always intrigued me to find out why each person who travels does so. What triggered that feeling of wanderlust and the motivation to take that first trip? Even […]

Are hostels safer than hotels?

So here’s the thing – in the past hostels have gotten a bit of bad reputation as a method of accommodation to use whilst travelling. So much so that even years on from their darker days and with many luxury hostels popping up all over the place lately (with swimming pools, spas, the lot), you’ll still find […]

Top 10 Cheapest Contries in Europe for Beer!

Night life is a big part of any backpacker’s trip around Europe and tasting the local beer can be an easy way to experience a bit of the local way of life in just a few short minutes. However, we’re all trying to save some pennies as we travel to keep the travels going for as long […]