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Where to spend July 4th in New York

Today’s guest post was written by Jane Shelley. Every year American’s celebrate Independence Day on July 4th, and there are many cities across the US which put on a great show for the celebrations, but none can compare to New York City. There are countless activities going on across the city on the big day […]

San Francisco’s Best Budget Attractions

Today’s article was written by Hari Apostolides. Photo Credit; Samuel Wantman San Francisco is an unforgettable place to explore. Famous for sites like the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz, the city is known for its friendliness and culture. But, as we all know, travelling across the pond is usually far from cheap, which makes visiting […]

Vlog: Why do people think I’m American?

People are always confusing my Scottish accent as American. I have a go here at showing the different between the two, using some stereotypical American sayings. Check it out!

3 Things To Do In Hawaii Other Than Surfing!

When you think of Hawaii you think of surfing, big waves, and hot surfer dudes… At least that’s what I think of when I think of Hawaii! With tourism being the largest industry in Hawaii, currently making up 24.3% of the Gross State Product, it’s apparent that many people come here every year for just that […]

Top 10 Places To Relax In Vancouver

This post was brought to you (and written by) 1. Try the Radha Yoga and Eatery in the middle of Chinatown.  There you can dine on health raw and vegan food. There’s nothing like a stretch before your meal in the adjoining yoga studio. 2. The Jericho Sailing Centre, situated next to Kitsilano, is on one […]

Tips for your 1st Hawaiian Vacation

Today’s post was brought to you (and written) by the folks at 1. Decide on a Budget There a many activities to do for free in Hawaii like hiking, swimming, snorkeling, sightseeing, going on tours, or simply hanging out at the beach. All the beaches in Hawaii are public, which means you could spend your whole […]

Which is the best attraction at Universal Studios?

I recently wrote a post on Orlando, Florida. Not a typical backpackers destination I know, and not somewhere I would personally go these days, but seeing as we are on the topic I thought I’d talk about my favourite place in Orlando, and that is Universal Studios! Forget Disney World, Universal is the best big […]

How to make the most of Orlando, Florida.

Attracting around 47 million tourists per year, Orlando, Florida, is an extremely popular destination with more theme parks and entertainment attractions than any anywhere else in the world. Theme Parks Critical to Orlando’s economy was the announcement in 1965 that Walt Disney was to build Walt Disney World in the city. As a result, tourism became the […]

Can a backpacker go to Disneyland?

When you think of the top backpacking destinations in the world, the places most signified with a backpacking adventure, I’m sure Disneyland is probably not among them! Typically, Disneyland is not associated with this style of travel. It’s aimed at kids, families, and people with a bit more of a budget than your average “living […]

Two forms of paradise in British Columbia

Today’s post was written by Femke Gow. If you’re looking for diversity, BC Canada is without a doubt the place to be. I have come to believe that there is not a single activity that can’t be done somewhere in the British Columbia; from surfing to backcountry skiing, to afternoon tea in a floral display […]