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Review of ‘Expanish’ Spanish Language Course in Buenos Aires – Part 2

Please note; If you haven’t read part one of this review you may want to do so first before reading on! In part one of this review I compared my ‘in the classroom’ Spanish language course with Expanish in Buenos Aires to my previous attempts at learning Spanish online. Overwhelming I found the initial 2 […]


Review; Learning Spanish with ‘Expanish’ in Buenos Aires (Part 1)

On Monday (9th September 2013) I started a 4 week long Spanish course in Buenos Aires with a private language school called Expanish. I’m currently into week 2. Prior to this I had briefly been using an online course 2 or 3 hours a week for a few months which I was fitting around work and my travels through Europe before I came […]

Good Language Learning Apps (for Spanish)

I’ve been getting the books out lately (or apps rather) in a bid to improve my Spanish before my trip to Argentina in September. As someone who has always struggled with learning foreign languages I must say this new way of online learning has seen me progress much faster than I have in my previous […]

The Dos and Don´ts of learning Spanish in Spain

Prior to arriving in Spain I knew 7 words in Spanish. This included the words Hola, Gracias, and the phraze “mi casa es su casa” which I had heard somewhere through popular culture. That was it. My entire knowledge of the Spanish language prior to coming to this country. After around 2.5 months in Spain in […]

How to get over the language barrier in any country!

Since moving to Sevilla for the summer, a city where very little people speak English, my skills at getting over the language barrier have been tested to the max! Anywhere I travel that isn’t an English speaking country I use these skills, but in many cases in the past there has always been someone who […]

Beginners tips for learning a new language

I’ve been learning Spanish now in Spain for around 2 weeks. Officially, I’ve actually been in the country for around 2 months travelling around, but it’s only really that last 2 weeks where I’ve actually sat down, started on a course, and if I’m being really honest actually tried! Already I have learnt so much […]

Online TEFL Course VS In the Classroom

Before you read this post you may want to read “what’s involved in a TEFL Course”. I recently took part in 2 TEFL courses, one of which was based completely in the classroom, and the other online. I wanted to compare the difference between the two, as there were many advertised online, as well as […]

7 Secrets of Successful TEFL Teaching

Today’s guest post is by Honor Baldry, editor of i-to-i’s TEFL Community Chalkboard. As well as being editor of i-to-i, Honor is an experienced EFL teacher, having taught to University students in China. You can also download i-to-i’s free ebook TEFL Uncovered: How To Teach Your Way Abroad With TEFL here. If you believe what […]

What to expect on a TEFL course

Whether you are a backpacker, flash packer, RTW traveller, or doing any other style of long term travel, funding your trip is always going to be something you have to think about. These days it seems, one of the best ways to do this is by teaching English as a foreign language abroad. There are […]

Language Study Abroad – How to Make the Most of It

Today’s guest post is by Brooke Schoenman from Brooke Vs The World. Brooke has a variety of experience learning languages abroad, from learning Spanish in Guatemala, to Russian in Kyrgyzstan. This is her thoughts on language study abroad, and how to make the most of it.   Take it from me, a language study junky, […]