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Is it worth buying the South Pass for Argentina?

With South America having a complete lack of affordable flights and an extensive rail network being almost non-existent, the best way to travel by public transport (long distance) in the continent is by bus. This is none more so than in Argentina. Argentina is huge and thankfully they also know how to do long distance travel by bus very well, as […]

A Guide to Travelling from Buenos Aires to Puerto Iguazu

Photo credit; ( If you come to Argentina (or Brazil) and you don’t visit the Iguazu Falls you’d be missing out in my opinion. Yes it is touristy and yes there will be lots of other people there, but sometimes a place is popular for a reason. After spending 3 days in Iguazu recently I can see […]

How to get from Buenos Aires (Ezeiza) Airport to the City Centre

There are 3 main ways to get to Buenos Aires city centre from Ezeiza Airport (2 which take you direct to your accommodation). I thought it’d be useful to provide some info on them all including the prices, where to go etc, so that if you arrive at Ezeiza Airport in the future you’ll know what to do […]

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Review: Amsterdam to Buenos Aires

On 2nd September 2013 I flew KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from Edinburgh to Buenos Aires via Amsterdam. I remember when I booked my flight back in January, and how I wasn’t sure at the time which airline to fly with. For that reason I thought it would be useful to review my journey with KLM now I’ve been so that if you’re […]

Over coming my fear of flying to get to South America

For years now South America has been on my agenda as a continent I had to travel. In the 3 years that I spent travelling without taking a flight, as my fear of flying began to take a tighter hold on my life, I looked at every other possibility I could for crossing that ocean without getting on a plane. I looked […]

Top 3 Cruise Destinations To Visit In 2014

Taking a cruise is not a method of transport or holiday usually associated with budget travel – hence why I rarely write about it. As a general rule it tends to be expensive. However, there are certain parts of the world where I think it’s genuinely worth it to fork out that extra cash. Particularly when a […]

How to get from Prague Airport to the city centre for £1

I recently had a 1 night stop over in Prague on my way to Vienna and was reminded just how cheap the city is for public transport. In total it cost me £1.05 at the current exchange rate to get (legally and legitimately) from Prague Airport to PLUS Hostel Prague (my accommodation for the night) in the city centre. […]

How to get through the boredom of a flight

Flights are boring. There’s no way of getting around it. The destinations we visit may be exciting but often the mode of getting there is not. So how do we counter this boredom? Moonwalk down the isle Deep vein thrombosis is something we all want to avoid, and what better way to do so than […]

5 Tips To Get The Cheapest Car Hire Price

I’m going to keep this blog post short and sweet seeing as there is not a lot to getting the cheapest car hire price, except actually executing the steps below. If you don’t do these 5 things you will more than likely pay more than you need to, and on a backpacker budget we need […]

Busabout hop-on hop-off VS regular coach travel around Europe

I’ve currently taking part on the Busabout hop-on hop-off bus service around Europe. I have a small break back home in Scotland right now, but by enlarge I’ll be travelling with Busabout on this service for the rest of the summer. I’ve so far travelled from Madrid to Paris on the buses, stopping for 3 days […]