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Eurostar Vs Eurolines

In a previous post I’ve discussed my thoughts on Eurostar Vs Flying as a means of getting to/from the UK. In it, I came to the conclusion that Eurostar was the better option, although flying does definitely have it’s advantages. But it got me thinking… what about the other options available? When it comes to […]

Eurostar Vs Flying

Yesterday I took the Eurostar from London to Paris. For anyone who doesn’t already know, the Eurostar is a train which takes you across the Channel Tunnel, and is currently the main operator that connects people from the UK to mainland Europe by rail. With rail travel being the only real competitor to flying when […]

5 ways to make sure you get the cheapest air/bus/train fare

Getting the cheapest air, bus, or train fare available is important for any budget backpacker when booking transport to their next destination. Cost of transport can often take the biggest bite out of a travellers fund. Its therefore important to be aware of any techniques which may reduce your transportation costs. Book Online Everybody should […]

The things I hate about airport security

I’ve been travelling a lot overland recently, and although like any means of transport there are elements which I don’t like, it has been nice to avoid all the things I hate about airport security! Limit on liquids I think for most people, the limit on liquids is particularly frustrating. Having to have my lip […]

Unique cruises from around the world

Today’s guest post is by Ross Fraser from Europe Traveler. Ross is a passionate traveler, who has traveled extensively around Europe, and other parts of the world. Cruises– what can I say about them?  When I think of cruise holiday my mind flips between one of two things  – 1.       The Titanic sinking 2.       The […]

Airline Travel Fees – know what you’re paying for

Todays post is brought to you by Airfare prices are at an all-time low as budget airlines frantically compete to offer the lowest prices on the best flights. What many passengers scooping up cheap tickets may be surprised to learn about are the additional charges and fees for what used to be considered a […]

Are we REALLY better off flying budget airlines?

When budget airlines were first introduced to the world, it was a wonderful thing. Suddenly travel was open to everyone, and what was once only available to the richer in society, became the norm for everyone. As time has gone on however, budget airlines have been increasingly attaining a bad reputation. It seems as every […]

The Downsides of Travelling Green

As someone who is passionate about travelling green, I regularly seek ways in which to travel that pose as little effect on the environment as possible. Where I am currently based however in the UK, it seems to make less and less sense to travel green, both financially and in terms of journey time. Travelling […]

Around the world by land & sea!

I mentioned briefly in a previous post that I would be embarking on a trip by land and sea around the world later this year. It will be my most challenging trip to date, and something I am very excited about. I have tried not to write much about it until now, as I wanted […]

Why Travel By Land & Sea Can Be Better Than Flying

In the wake of even more volcanic ash disruptions to air travel in Europe, and reports that there could be disruptions on and off for the next 12 months in the area, there couldn’t be a better time for people to think about the alternatives to flying! Below I have listed my top 3 reasons […]