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5 Alternatives to Hostels & Budget Hotels

Who says the only way to travel on a budget is to stay in a budget hotel or hostel? Here are 5 alternatives if you’re looking for other budget accommodation options wherever you are: 1.University Rooms An alternative to hostels and budget hotels, University Rooms offers B&B or self catering accommodation in university residences in […]

NUS Extra Card Review – What Travel Discounts Can You Get?

As I’m now a full-time student in the UK, I’ve been looking at what student discounts are on offer travel wise to try and save me some money, and these are what I’ve found with the NUS Extra card. First off, what does it cost for an NUS Extra card? An NUS Extra card costs […]

8 Cities in Europe with Hostels for Under £5

Using a range of hostel booking sites, I’ve compiled a list of what I believe are the 8 cheapest cities in Europe (for hostel prices). If you’re travelling on a budget, hopefully this will help you when trip planning for Europe. Please note: Any hostel mentioned here is not a recommendation. I’m just telling you what the cheapest price I found […]

What it’s like to be a PLUS-size female traveller

I’ve been a plus-size traveller for most of my adult life and there are definitely differences in the way I travel because of it that I don’t think people realise who don’t fit into the plus-size mould. You can never find your size of clothing abroad Need a pair of plus-size jeans? Like that cute […]

Review: 16-25 Railcard (UK)

Despite the fact that I’m 28, because I’m a full-time student I am still eligible for a young person’s 16-25 Railcard here in the UK (despite the name of the card suggesting otherwise). Yay! However, with the card costing £30, and some restrictions on when you can use it, I thought I’d review it for those other cash-strapped young […]

5 Last-Minute (Budget) Destinations to Travel to this Christmas

I’m about to spend yet another Christmas abroad and it got me thinking that there may still be people thinking about a last-minute trip who can’t decide where to go! For that reason, here are my top last-minute destinations to spend this year’s festive period. Tenerife If you want near-perfect sunshine weather and an easy lie-by-the-beach […]

Top 8 Places (in the World) to Learn Spanish

Creative Commons Image: Portada Online In past travels I’ve took Spanish lessons in Argentina, Bolivia and Spain. I’ve also travelled extensively around Spain and South America, getting used to the various different accents and forms of Spanish that there are in the world (of which there are many!!) With that in mind I thought I’d list […]

Distance Learning VS Campus-Based Study

Creative Commons Image: Tulane Public Relations Last year I studied through distance learning so I could continue travelling. This year I’ve used the credits I gained through distance learning to transfer direct into 2nd year at an ordinary campus based university. Here are the pros & cons I’ve found from both. If you’re currently weighing up […]

How to beat the pick-pockets in Barcelona!

I’ve been in Barcelona almost 2 months now, and despite the larger police presence in tourist areas of the city (which I’m pleased to say does seem to be making a difference), Barcelona is still a destination where pick-pocketing and bag snatching is rife! I’ve yet to come across a reliable source of stats, but I […]

How to find a job and get your NIE number in Barcelona!

In case you missed a previous post on the matter, I have recently moved to Barcelona. Now, whilst I’m still very much in the ‘settling in’ phase, I’ve already learned a lot about how to get set up here (both through my own trial and error and from talking to other recent expats.) In turn, I thought it would be useful to pass on […]