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10 Awesome Reasons to Learn Spanish in Cádiz (Iike I’m doing here with Clic IH)

I’m coming up for my 4th week of learning with Clic Cadiz IH, a private Spanish language school located in the sleepy seaside town of Cádiz (in the Spanish region of Andalusia.) Having previously experienced learning Spanish for a similar time period with a language school in Buenos Aires, it has been nice to continue on with my Spanish language studies at a private language […]

38 Free Things to do in Brussels

Photo credit; Le Kai Brussels is an expensive destination – there is no getting around it. Accommodation and eating/drinking out in particular can take a big bite out of your budget in this city! What may surprise you though are the amount of free activities and things to do here that will cost you absolutely nothing. Here are 40 free […]

An Instagramer’s Guide to Marche, Italy

  This past week I had the opportunity to shadow some of Europe’s top Instagramers around the region of Marche in Italy. As we toured, explored and photographed Marche I couldn’t help but be over-awed by the natural AND man-made beauty of this place. If you’re someone interested in visiting beautiful destinations then you’ll love this stunning Italian region. So with that […]

Travel blogs you should be reading (if you’re not already!)

If you’re looking for some cool and interesting travel or destination focused blogs to check out then below are some of my personal favourites at the moment! All offer something unique in my opinion. Backpacker Becki Why you should read Becki’s blog; The reason why I love Becki’s blog is because she often travels to more obscure or controversial destinations […]

Top 5 Things to do in Baños (Ecuador)

For such a small town Baños has an abundance of things to do in and around the town. Seriously, I’ve been to much bigger towns and cities in Ecuador and around South America (take Guayaquil for example) which have had much less to do in them than Baños has. I was initially supposed to stay just a few nights […]

Top 5 Things to do in Quito (Ecuador)

I’ll be honest here. I didn’t like Quito all that much (see this post if you’re wondering why.) However, there are still some cool things to do in the city and for that reason I thought I’d list my top 5 here today. Hopefully if you ever visit Quito you’ll find this post useful. (Please […]

What to do when your bank blocks your bank cards abroad

Photo credit; Philip Taylor via Flikr There’s nothing worse that going on holiday or going travelling and finding your bank have blocked your cards for security reasons. Unfortunately this is a common occurrence amongst travellers as banks see foreign activity on your card, i.e. withdrawals or payments abroad, as suspicious activity. They think that someone […]

10 Reasons Why Sucre (Bolivia) is Awesome!

I’ve been in the Bolivian city of Sucre now for almost 2 weeks and (will sadly) be departing today. The place is awesome! So much so that I wanted to write an article detailing exactly what is so awesome about it, so that if you’re coming to Bolivia you don’t miss it out of your itinerary! $6 an hour private Spanish […]


5 Free Things to do in Buenos Aires

I’ve been in Buenos Aires now (coming up) for 2 weeks, and knowing that I was going to be here for a while to study Spanish at a private language school in the city, I’ve been very conscious from the outset not to spend too much money. For that reason I’ve been trying to indulge […]

How to get from Buenos Aires (Ezeiza) Airport to the City Centre

There are 3 main ways to get to Buenos Aires city centre from Ezeiza Airport (2 which take you direct to your accommodation). I thought it’d be useful to provide some info on them all including the prices, where to go etc, so that if you arrive at Ezeiza Airport in the future you’ll know what to do […]