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How to get from Prague Airport to the city centre for £1

I recently had a 1 night stop over in Prague on my way to Vienna and was reminded just how cheap the city is for public transport. In total it cost me £1.05 at the current exchange rate to get (legally and legitimately) from Prague Airport to PLUS Hostel Prague (my accommodation for the night) in the city centre. […]

How to get through the boredom of a flight

Flights are boring. There’s no way of getting around it. The destinations we visit may be exciting but often the mode of getting there is not. So how do we counter this boredom? Moonwalk down the isle Deep vein thrombosis is something we all want to avoid, and what better way to do so than […]

5 Free London Museums

Photo credit; Anthony O’Neil With over 15.3 million international visitors every year, London is clearly a popular city around the globe! However, with lots of tourists also comes big tourist prices! There is no getting around the fact that London is a very expensive city. It’s the most expensive city in Britain! So I thought it would […]

5 Things to do for Free in Zagreb

Photo credit; kriskaer When you’re travelling it’s always nice to save money! One of the ways I do this on the road is by taking advantage of any free activities there may be on offer. In this case I’m going to be focusing on Zagreb, Croatia’s capital city. Although Zagreb is not an expensive city […]

5 Things to do for Free in Budapest

Photo credit; Elfilosofo via Flikr Budapest is one of the most affordable capital cities in Europe. However, as its popularity grows so do the local prices every little bit year after year. For that reason I thought it would be useful to share with you 5 things you can do for free in the city. That […]

5 Things to do for Free in Barcelona

Photo credit; Wolfgang Staudt Barcelona can be an expensive destination. When it comes to drinking out and experiencing the local nightlife especially – this is where you’ll feel most pinch to your travel budget! However, nobody wants to miss out on things when they go to a destination! Least of all no-one wants to be sitting in […]

10 Cheapest Countries in the World (for Hostel Prices)

Photo credit: Chris Goldberg When you’re planning a RTW (round the world) trip sometimes the hardest part can be choosing which countries to visit! There are so many cool places around the world to choose from and just not enough time to visit them all! However, one thing that can make that decision easier is […]

Top 3 Cheapest Countries (in Europe/North Africa) for Spa Treatments

When you’re travelling on a budget the idea of a spa treatment sounds like something only luxury travellers can afford, but the truth is that if you pick the right country to travel to you can find prices for spa treatments much cheaper and/or better value for money. With that in mind I thought I’d list the […]

Good Language Learning Apps (for Spanish)

I’ve been getting the books out lately (or apps rather) in a bid to improve my Spanish before my trip to Argentina in September. As someone who has always struggled with learning foreign languages I must say this new way of online learning has seen me progress much faster than I have in my previous […]

How to apply for your Australian tax back

Getting back on your feet again once you come back from a long trip can sometimes be a little bit difficult. Usually the reason you’ve come back is because you’ve spent every penny you had on your travels. The good news is if you worked abroad during your travels, particularly if you were on working […]