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Video: 5 Ways to Say ‘Drunk’ in Scottish!

I’ve been spending a bit of time here at home in Scotland after my latest big trip away, and when I’m back I often make these silly videos (see below) about my home country. They contain vital information such as (in this case) 5 ways to say the word ‘drunk’ in Scottish! If you know […]

3 Crazy Stories From My Travels…

For some reason crazy stuff just happens on the road – or it certainly does to me anyway! I think possibly the combination of my own stupidity and the fact I live in my own little lah-dee-dah world half of the time probably doesn’t help. The benefit of all this though is that I have quite […]

How to piss off a Scottish person!

(Disclaimer: This video is for comical purposes only!) If you’re coming to Scotland then use this video as a guide to avoiding a social fauxpa! 🙂

How to speak like the locals in Scotland

  One of the things people find hard when coming to Scotland is understanding the local dialect. In this video I teach you some common local words in Scottish that you can use while you are in the country, and also to help you understand a Scot when they speaks Scots to you instead of […]

How to talk dirty in Scottish…

If you’re coming to Scotland and would like to get to grips with the local lingo, then check out this tongue in cheek video I made for you on how to talk dirty in Scottish haha…  

Video: An embarrassing travel story…

For my latest vlog I thought I’d share with you a funny embarrassing moment I had on my travels not too long ago. Unfortunately, I’m just one of those people who attract random cringe-worthy moments on a regular basis, i.e. I do a lot of stupid things! When you’re travelling this usually results in something […]

A taste of San Sebastian…

I just recently visited San Sebastian as part of my Busabout tour around Europe. San Sebastian is a really beautiful beach town/city. I’ll be writing a full article all about it soon, but in the meantime if you’ve never been to San Seb before then I’ve captured some footage for you to check out that […]

Vlog: How NOT to stand out as a tourist abroad!

Standing out as a tourist abroad is something no one wants to do. Aside from the fact the image of a ‘tacky tourist’ is something most people don’t want to be associated with. Not standing out as a tourist also helps in regards to keeping safe on the road.

5 Reasons You Should Travel Right Now…

Who wants to be sitting in an office or a classroom all day when they can be travelling the world? If you don’t do it now when will you do it? Soon you’ll have kids, a job, a mortgage, and other things that tie you down to a place. Then you’ll be old and with […]

Vlogging Update: What’s been going on in my world recently

These update style posts that I do every now and again usually prove popular. As an experiment, I thought I’d do this month’s blogging update as a vlog, or video blog! This way you actually get to see my face and who I am! It also means I can talk to you in a more […]