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Vlog: How to dress in a Muslim country (Morocco Edition)

I released this vlog a week or so a go on YouTube, and thought it would be cool to share it on here with you. The idea for it came after spending some time recently in Morocco as part of a tour to the area sponsored by Busabout. I’d found that a lot of people […]

Vlog: Why do people think I’m American?

People are always confusing my Scottish accent as American. I have a go here at showing the different between the two, using some stereotypical American sayings. Check it out!

Vlog – 5 things you can do with your case (other than packing your shit!)

As budget backpackers, finding other functions for already existing products and things we travel with is important. If we can find more than one function for an item that we travel with, this means spending less money overall on buying the things we need to bring with us. With that in mind, here are 5 things […]

Vlog – The Downsides of Backpacker Hostel Dorm Rooms

I love hostels! They are my 1st choice of accommodation anywhere out on the road, but when you’re sharing a dorm room with a bunch of other backpackers you’ve probably never met before, there can be some inevitable downsides. Whether it’s people getting it on in the top bunk, snorers, or big smelly boys… nothing […]

Vlog – A Guide To Scottish Swear Words

I’ve noticed a growing trend in Scotland of tourists coming to this country, hearing some of these words, and wondering what they mean. I can’t begin to count the amount of times foreign friends of mine who live over here have asked me what a dobber means!  So… to help all the new visitors to Scotland get […]

Vblog – How get free accommodation on a RTW trip!

Play the video to find tips on how to get free accommodation on a round the world (RTW) trip!

5 Things You Should Know About Scotland (Before You Come!)

5 things you should know about Scotland before you visit our shores are: Never call a kilt a skirt in Scotland Never refer to Scotland as England Unpredictable weather – rain, snow, sunshine, and wind all in one days is normal We like to drink a lot of alcahol. We did invent whisky afterall… We […]