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What makes a good hostel dorm room?

After writing recently about what makes a good hostel common room, I was asked by a reader in the comments section to continue on my theme of “what makes a good hostel…” I thought it was a great idea! A quality hostel certainly does not stop at having a social & atmospheric common room! A hostel needs to cover all bases in order to […]

What makes a good hostel common room?

Last year (2011) I visited 17 countries. Other than a few nights staying with friends, and one month renting a flat in Seville, I stayed in backpacker hostels the entire time. In fact, since I took my first backpacking adventure in 2006 I’ve by enlarge stayed in hostels throughout the entirety of my travels. In that time I’ve experienced […]

Top 10 Things To Look For In A Hostel

When I first started travelling back in 2006, sometimes finding a good hostel was a bit like pot luck. I didn’t know what to look for, the reviews were often conflicting, and it was hard to decide over price vs location. It’s only through travel experience however, having stayed in 100+ hostels around the world, […]

Are hostels the best option for backpackers travelling as a group?

As a solo traveller, staying in a hostel is good for me for two reasons, they are cheaper than a hotel room, and they are a better place to meet new people. If I pay for one bed in a 14 bed hostel dorm in Sevilla for instance, it costs me around €10 – €11 […]