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A Guide to Local Argentine Cuisine

If you’re new to Argentina and want to get to grips quickly with the local cuisine, then here’s some you can try right away when you get here; Empanadas Photo credit; Evelyn Proimos Empanadas in Argentina are similar to what we would call ‘pasties’ back home in the UK. They are essentially pastry with a¬†filling. […]

3 Moroccan Meals You Should Try…

One thing I love most about travelling is getting to taste the local cuisine wherever I go. Having just spent 2 weeks in Morocco, these were 3 yummy staple dishes that the country had to offer, and that I recommend you try should you wash up on Moroccan shores! All of the following were meals […]

10 Unusual Restaurants From Around The World

Today’s post was written by the team at Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar Renowned for wonderful beaches and a relaxed atmosphere, Zanzibar also features one of the most unusual and perhaps most picturesque restaurants in the world. In the south of the island lies The Rock Restaurant. The name says it all. The restaurant literally sits […]

3 Foreign Meals You Should Try On Your Travels

Today’s post was written by Sophie Collard (@QunoSpotter). Three favourite meals from my world travelsEating is such a huge part of every culture, which makes eating local food, especially with local people, one of the real joys of travelling. Just thinking about my favourite meals always gets me scouring Google for vacation deals, or at […]

Recipes from around the world – Massaman (Southern Thai) Curry

One great thing about travel for me is that you get to experience cuisine from all around the world. Even when you can’t afford to eat out however, you can still give some foreign dishes a try by cooking them yourself at home. I am currently in Lagos, Portugal, and although I have loved eating […]

Recipes from around the world – Feijoada (Brazillian Black Bean Stew)

These last few weeks I’ve been delving into other cultures, as I cook and try out their local cuisine while I am back home in my native land of Scotland. It’s been a great way to experience a little bit of foreign culture from around the world during the times when I am not travelling. […]

Recipes from around the world – Stuffed Mediterranean Peppers

Today in my home country of Scotland we are enjoying a sunny start to our bank holiday weekend. Carrying on with my experimentation of cooking cuisine from around the world, I decided to try something that was suitable for a sunny day, that was simple and easy to cook. Stuffed Mediterranean Peppers seems a good […]

Recipes from around the world – Spain – Paella

One thing I love about travel is being able to try local cuisine wherever I go. Admittedly, I’m not the best cook, but I do love to eat out in all the countries that I visit. Having been home for around a month however, I have been missing being able to try out a variety […]