Couple travelling in Venice

Today’s post was written by the self titled Miss Moci.

Whether you believe in happily ever after or not there is no denying that Venice has the reputation to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. Whether you are staying in a Venice hostel, hotel, or Venice apartments, there is something extremely romantic about this city.

Couples travel here all year around for their honeymoon or a romantic getaway. What could be better than spending 24hrs of the day with your love? But this is exactly the reason why travelling with you partner should be approached with caution. Going on vacation with your significant other can put your relationship to the test. Some people say that travelling together can either make or break the relationship.  Travelling can put you in unusual situations and may bring out sides in yourself and the other person you haven’t seen in each other. Of course this also depends on the duration of the trip. The longer you are on the road, the more tension might arise.

But let’s assume you are planning to surprise your partner with a weekend in Venice. What’s there to do?

After a day of sightseeing you can sit down for a drink at the Piazza di San Marco. The atmosphere with the basilica in the background is breathtaking.

If you take a gondola ride (which you probably will anyways) ask to pass the Bridge of Sighs (Ponte dei Sospiri). A local legend says that if couples kiss on a gondola at sunset under the bridge their love will last forever. The name of the bridge has a beautiful but tragic origin: People that were facing imprisonment had to cross this bridge on their way to prison and they usually stopped on the bridge sighing at the final view of the beautiful city.

But visiting beautiful Venice doesn’t require being in a relationship or committing a crime. If you are single and with a clean legal record this magical Italian city will make you fall in love I’m sure, and the love for the city will last a life-time. In both cases the true romantic character comes out at night when the city quiets down.  And especially now in spring and summer season, watching the sunset overlooking the canals is magical. So make sure to book one of the apartments in Venice to stay at least one night.


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  1. Lea says:

    Hi, I received an email showing Vience going under water and I know you dont take emails as truth as they can be edited so pleeeeeese confirm that it is not true and the city is not under seige of flooding. My dream is to visit Europe exploring all the wonderful cities including Vience. Lea


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