Do you want to join me on the Trans-Mongolian Express?

Today I booked my tickets to Moscow, which will see me departing Edinburgh and stopping off in Paris, Berlin, Warsaw, and Riga, before ending up in Russia’s capital city. The entire jaunt will be done predominantly by train, with one bus journey between Warsaw and Riga being the only exception from rail travel during the entire trip. From there I plan to travel on the Trans-Mongolian express to Beijing, with a stop off along the way in Mongolia’s capital city Ulaanbaatar. This is also why I am writing to you just now.

As someone who predominantly travels solo, I would really love to experiment with my style of travel, and travel with another person or a group of other independent travellers for a small period of time. I thought something like the trans-mongolian express would be a perfect opportunity to do this, as it’s a journey which seems to excite a lot of people’s interest, there’s a small degree of challenge to it, and it’salso a good chance to meet a mixture of local Russian people and international travellers onboard if we get fed up with each other! 🙂

Would you like to join me on my venture?

I arrive into Moscow on 26th May, after 2 weeks of travelling through Europe beforehand. I’ll be booking the trans-mongolian jaunt, and applying for my Russian, Mongolian, and Chinese visas sometime between Monday and Wedensday this week. After this point I will have exact dates for the trans-mongolian leg of the journey. I wanted to give people a heads up however, before I book this leg of the journey, so that if they want to come along we can book dates which will suit both parties. Also, it takes time to get visas in order, and tickets booked + delivered, so I thought the earlier you know about it the better.

If you are free sometime after 26th May (2011), can get to Moscow, and would like to come along for the trip, please feel free to get in touch! As always I’m also happy to meet up with any other travel bloggers in any of the destinations I will be visiting on this trip, including all the European dates prior to me arriving in Moscow. So if you can’t come along, but would still like to meet up feel free to get in touch, and I’ll send you a more detailed itinerary.

Anyone who is interest can get in touch with me via email at the following address: Alternatively, leave a comment on the post, or catch me on twitter @runawayjane.


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  1. Monica says:

    Wow, this sounds amazing. I’ve always wanted to go on the Trans-Mongolian Express. So although I can’t join your trip I’ll definitely be following your journey!


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