Can You Find Love On The Road?

With Valentines Day approaching, and thousands of solo travellers across the world, I decided to have a look at relationships on the road, and whether they can really go the distance.

For me, finding love on the road has never been a problem. Sustaining it, however seems to be something I have never quite grasped or been able to do. The whole idea of travelling, and the lifestyle that comes with it, makes it so easy to find someone of a like minded position. There quite simply is no better setting than a foreign country, two lost souls travelling alone, meeting and discovering a new and exciting place and culture together. I’ve made so many strong connections with people over the years when I’ve been travelling, but inevitably, as with every traveller, one of you moves on to the next location or goes home. Sometimes you may even travel on together, or meet up at other points along your travel path. In my experience though, you can never really re-create those moments that you had when you first met. Sometimes I think it’s better to remember the great times you’ve had, and then move on to the next new and exciting place or person. Although I know it’s not quite as easy as that in all situations.

One thing that every traveller has to accept when on the road though is that relationships when you’re travelling are very different to those experienced back home. For a start, when you meet someone say at a hostel, you get to know them a hell of a lot quicker than you would back home. You don’t just live with the people at your hostel, but you eat, sleep (in the same dorm), socialise, and sometimes work together too. Things move very fast, but they also end fast too. I’ve had relationships which have started and ended in a week while I was travelling, and I got to know the person a lot better than I have with people I’d been seeing for a few months back home. On top of that, it often ends a lot better too. You don’t tend to have that messy, dragged on, or complicated ending that some relationships back home do, as normally the only reason that you aren’t together is that you are continuing with your travels.

Another reason why relationships may not last a great deal of time on the road is simply practicalities! This one probably applies more to people like me who are budget backpackers, but when you are staying in sometimes 14 bed dorms, it becomes really hard to have an on-going relationship and be discreet at the same time! 🙂 Short flings are no real problem as you can always find a bit of privacy somewhere if it’s just for one night. Long term however can be a bit of a problem, and in the end can become tiring constantly trying to find a little bit of space where you don’t have to worry about interruptions. It somewhat ruins the romance slightly! 🙂

With all that I’ve said above though, there are still examples of people discovering their other half on the road. Although it has been much harder to sustain a long term relationship while travelling in my experience, that doesn’t mean that you can’t. I’ve come across several couple’s in my travels that have later gone on to stay together for several years. There are example’s coming up all the time of couple’s who have met on the road and then made a life together travelling. It’s these little example’s that really prove the old saying wrong, that if you start out as a traveller single, you’ll stay that way, and it gives me a positive outlook for the future.

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