First Impressions of Cadiz

Whilst living in Seville I got the chance to visit nearby Cadiz for a couple of days, down on the south coast of Spain. These were my first impressions..


Cadiz is quite simply a beautiful town. This goes for the beaches and the picturesque old town centre. A lot of the buildings are very old, and at times looked falling apart, but in a weird way they had this sort of crumbling charm to them. Walking around the little narrow cobbled streets, along the coast line out to sea, as well as the many colourful, historic, and picturesque buildings, you couldn’t help but feel over awed at how pretty this little town is. I spent a full day just walking around, taking pictures, sitting by the sea, and just taking it all in. Overall, this is the one thing which I will take away from my two days in Cadiz, and if you come here I highly recommend bringing your camera!

Port Town

Cadiz is a port town, and was actually my original reason for coming here. I had wanted to catch a ferry from here to the Canary Islands, however due to a few unexpected hitches, I had to cancel this part of my trip. A lot of people I met however, were also here to catch a boat to somewhere. As far as I am aware, you can also catch a ferry from here to Morocco, as well as it being a popular stop over for people who have a private yacht, and for world cruise ships as a place to refuel. Although my reason for coming to Cadiz was simply to catch a ferry, it really is worthwhile coming for a day trip or weekend away if you ever get the chance and are in the area.

Small and Quaint

Whenever I visit a new place, I always try to think about the overall atmosphere, the vibe, and the general feel of where ever it is, as this is what you will most likely remember about it upon leaving. For me, the overall impression I got from Cadiz was that it was a small, quaint, and sleepy little town on the south coast of Spain. Unlike many other towns across the Spanish southern coastline, Cadiz is not overrun by tourists. A lot of people do visit here, but it mostly local Spanish people. It’s just a different type of tourist that comes here. It’s more of a local persons place to day trip away, rather than the typical package tourist destinations you may find in the south of Spain. This, for me, is what I found most endearing about Cadiz.

The Beaches

I only had a few days in Cadiz, so I headed to the Old Town Beach, which was the closest to the city and where I was staying. Never in my life have I seen so many people squashed onto one little beach in my life. It really was crazy! At first I thought it must be a public holiday here, but it turns out the local people just head here anytime they can over the summer. On one hand this was obviously bad as you had very little room to move. On the other hand however, there was a real social atmosphere here with so many people around squashed into such a tiny space. I chatted to many local people here, and got to practice my Spanish. As I mentioned above, there are certainly tourists in Cadiz, they are just of a different kind.

Zero Nightlife

 If you want a quiet retreat somewhere for the weekend Cadiz would certainly be a fantastic option in Spain. For me however, it really was just far too quiet at night. There are many little pubs and bars lined around the streets of the Old Town, but this is a very small town. I was able to circumnavigate the whole town by walking in around 1 hour. This therefore means that if you’re looking for city nightlife, this is not the place to be. For me, nightlife is such a huge part of travelling as it is the easiest way to meet people. Also, I just really like to party! I know however, there are many people who really want the exact opposite of that to travels, and for those people Cadiz would certainly offer that.

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  1. kyle says:

    Want. To. Go.

    I’m not a nightlife kind of person so I think I’d enjoy the quiet 🙂


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