First Impressions of Ljubljana

I stopped over in Ljubljana, Slovenia, for 3 days as part of my current Inter Rail journey. I deliberately didn’t do any research before going. I like to be surprised by a destination. These were my first impressions, and what you can expect should you make a short visit to the city:

Sleepy town

Ljubljana is a bit of a sleepy town. Nothing really happens here. Or at least that was the vibe I got when I was there. By saying this I’m not trying to create a negative perception of the city. I found it to be very nice, but I think you will like this place more if you are the kind of person who prefers a quiet walk in the park, rather than an action packed weekend. It just depends what you’re into. For me, it was a nice little break. I had some nice walks, saw some pretty sights, but overall I was looking forward to moving onto the next city for something a bit more exciting.

Eating Out

Ljubljana is quite cheap for eating out in. Especially if you’re eating fast food. You can get kebabs here for around €2. I had the nicest freshly cooked cheeseburger from one of the many local vendors, with freshly baked bread as the bun for just €2.50. I’m not saying it’s good for you, but it certainly wasn’t McDonald’s. There is a big difference I feel to large fast food chains, and actually having something made from scratch in front of your eyes that you eat, which just happens to be a burger. That being said, none of it is good for you, but anything that tastes good usually isn’t…

Pretty architecture, but nothing stand out.

The architecture in Ljubljana, particularly around the main square is very pretty. I think if I hadn’t already been to places like Prague then I would have found it to be beautiful, but I’ve seen some very similar Art Nouveau architecture in other cities around Europe that far surpasses this. Still, it allows for a nice scenic walk, and there is a free tour on in the city which takes you around it on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, so you can learn a little bit about the city and it’s history at the same time too. The castle is also a nice view up in the distance, and provides some nice views of the city from on top.


If a city isn’t on the coast, you usually find that it has a lot of parks. Ljubljana falls into the latter. There are two main parks in the city centre, Tivoli Park (the largest in the whole of Ljubljana), and Argentine Park. Both are a nice retreat from city life, and a great place to go for walk, run, picnic, or just kick a football around.

– Ljubljana is one of those places that most people probably won’t dislike, but you may not like either. There’s quite simply nothing remarkable about it. For me three days was more than enough. I wish I could say something more exciting, but there just wasn’t anything there that really took my eye, or got me saying “wow”.

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  1. Rease says:

    Sounds like a nice place for a stop between more exciting cities. I am more of a busy city girl but I appreciate a nice place with good, cheap food and nice parks every so often.

  2. I had the same impression. I liked it as a great rest-up hideout spot. I thought the parks were great. Friendly people, cheap and quiet. A good place to go to write.


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