First Impressions of Luxembourg

I stopped for 24 hours in Luxembourg, as one of the stop offs on my way from Warsaw to Madrid. In 24 hours all you can really do is get a first impression, and a little taster of a country, so this was mine of Luxembourg..

Beautiful Surroundings

The train ride in from Cologne to Luxembourg was one of the most beautiful scenic train rides I’ve ever been on. Maybe it was just the time of day, as the sun was setting, but the stunning natural beauty made my train ride to this little country very fairytale like and memorable. I had also only had 2 hours sleep before, so maybe the drowsiness helped! 🙂

Once you actually get into Luxembourg City itself, and over to the old city side of it, it really was breathtaking looking out over it. There is only one hostel in Luxembourg City it seems. Or at least I could not find any others advertised online pre-departure. Fortunately however, the Luxembourg City Youth Hostel (HI) was located very close to the old city side, and a walk along a nearby bridge proved for some great photo opportunities.

Overall, my one lasting impression of Luxembourg was one of beauty, and that will be what stays in my mind whenever I think of Luxembourg as a whole.

Laid back pub culture

Having previously been to nearby Brussels not too long ago, and been surprised at how many cool laid back pubs there were, as apposed to the stuffy boring impression I had been led to believe prior to my visit, I was not at all surprised that Luxembourg was also very similar in that respect. I think possibly because Luxembourg city is financial hub in Europe, it can give the perception that it’s not really a laid back or cool kind of place, but actually, like its neighbour Brussels, I found it to be pretty cool. I arrived at night, and decided to walk across town to get to my hostel. There were so many cool late night pubs that I passed, and I would have loved to have tried them all, and get chatting to the locals, but unfortunately I only had time for one quick pint.

Walkable city centre

If you look on a map, it’s easy to see that both Luxembourg and Luxembourg City are not going to be huge. This was reiterated even more so when I arrived. Taxi drivers were quoting me 15 Euros for a ride across town to my hostel (which I checked before hand on google maps and would have only taken them 5 minutes!) so I politely declined! Instead I decided I would just walk. All in all it took me around 20 minutes to cross town. It would probably only take an hour at max to literally cross from one edge of the city to the other edge. It really is quite a small place, but there is lots packed into the centre, a bit like in my home city of Edinburgh, which makes this great for travellers or anyone looking to see the sights and get from A to B quite quickly, without spending anymoney.

It would have been nice to have had more time in Luxembourg City, but with only one hostel (that was booked out for the following day, hence why I only booked one night), and not wanting to stay in a hotel, I decided I would hop through onto somewhere new, but looking forward to a return one day.

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  1. Ross Corbett says:

    I have always had an eye on Luxembourg, you don’t generally hear much about it but it seems like such a beautiful place.

    I guess if you are on a budget you will be keen to baggsy a place in the hostel with there only being the one 🙂


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