First Impressions of Malaga… it’s shit!

Malaga is shit. I’m sorry, but it is. If you come from Malaga and are offended by this, please feel free to call my hometown shit anytime you want. I won’t be offended.

Usually when I visit a new place, even if it’s not to my particular taste, I do always try to look for the positive. In most cases there is usually at least something I like, or somewhere within it that I could see the benefit to other people who have a different taste than what I do. Malaga already had a reputation as being a bit of a tourist trap, but in the past people have told me places like Paris and Madrid were bad, and I found them both to be very cool. I therefore didn’t want to judge Malaga before I got there based on reputation alone. On this occasion however, I may have been better off doing so.

The reason I dislike Malaga is not because there is something so incredibly bad about it, or that I had an especially terrible time, it’s simply because the whole place is just mediocre. Everything is average. That goes for the beach, the Old Town, the nightlife, and the food. It’s also more expensive than other parts of Spain I’ve been to recently, and you could go days without hearing a Spanish word being spoken. If it had been super cheap then I could understand why some people may come here, but on average everything seemed to cost a Euro more than it did in nearby Sevilla, so there wasn’t even that excuse. This just added to my disillusionment.

In particular, what disappointed me the most about Malaga was the beach. Aside from the huge mass of road works blocking entrance from the one side, the huge line of high rise hotels running all along it, or the amount of cigarette buts, used condoms, and plasters lying around, it really just looked very average. Maybe my disappointment was more so than your average holidaymaker in that I had not been to a beach (i.e. a sunny beach) in over 3 years. I had deliberately made this trip down for 4 days just so I could hang out by the sea, get a sun tan, and enjoy some water sports. It was like the anti-climax of the century. It wasn’t that I was completely miserable there, but the whole place just left me a bit flat. Even the Old Town had no character, and when you compare it to the Old Town of other places in Andalusia such as Sevilla or Granada, it really just does not compare.

Another downside was that mid-week there was virtually no nightlife. There was only a few places open late, and they were not places I would choose to go to if given any choice or selection. Malaga really was just one big let down. If I was to say there was anything worth seeing or doing in there, then it would be to climb to the top of the Gibrafaro mountain. There are some very nice views of the waterside from it, but other than that there wasn’t much I seen which overawed me.

As with any place I do always urge people to visit it for themselves before casting any judgements. I did not like Malaga, but maybe you will find something there that I didn’t which will make you love the place. Who knows? We’re all different, and like/dislike different things, but if I honestly had to recommend somewhere it would not be here. If you want incredible beaches check out Lagos in nearby Portugal. It also doubles for some good nightlife too. Somewhere cheap, and also pretty… check out Sevilla. For sheer beauty, head to Granada. All of these places are within a reasonable distance from Malaga, and can be easily got to by bus or train.

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  1. Steve says:

    We avoided Malaga during three weeks in Spain because I had read that it was basically a condo haven for the Brits. We stayed in Granada instead and enjoyed it.

  2. ha ha I wouldn’t call your hometown shi…. but you made me lol with your opening para of Malaga article. Funny I went to Malaga in 1992, and had a great time. I was only there a week and stay with 3 others at a great apartments complex. I think it was June so perhaps not overly crowded with too many tourist. Perhaps it’s change. Thanks and congrats that you are traveling full time and your goals. Hope to me doing the same next year.


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