First Impressions of Mendoza (Argentina)


A few weeks ago I visited the Argentine city of Mendoza, close to Argentina’s border with Chile. I was there for 4 days in total. As I’ve always said with these type of ‘first impression’ style posts, when you’ve only been in a city for 4 days it’s impossible to really get to know a place on anything more than an aesthetic level. However, what you can do is get a good first impression to see if you want to go back and discover more. With that in mind these were my first impressions of Mendoza;

Sunny days in Parque San Martin


San Martin Park in Mendoza is definitely one of those places you ‘shouldn’t miss out on’ when you’re coming to the city. If you happen to be in Mendoza during some scorching sunshine weather like I was too, taking a walk, jog, or wander through San Martin is definitely going to be one of the city highlights. What was cool was that a lot of local people come here on sunny weekends, bring a few deck chairs, and picnic, and just chill. At the same time the park was big enough for there to be more than enough space to laze about on a sunny day and maybe read a book or practice your Spanish. I definitely spent a good portion of my time here after some hectic travel and work days prior to my arrival. It’s the perfect place to relax and meet a few locals on the way.

Avenida Villanueva – the Party Street


Mendoza is not a huge city and so there is no party scene here on the scale of say Buenos Aires, but there is still a decent enough sized population for there to merit some sort of city nightlife. Basically, if you want to go out at night you head to A.Villanueva. It’s essentially a street filled with bars, clubs, and restaurants. It’s also just a nice place to chill out during the day and have a coffee or eat out for lunch.

Wine Country

The region of Mendoza (same name as the city) is also home to much of Argentina’s wine country. This is where the best wine in Argentina gets produced. Quite a popular thing to do here is to take a local bus out to nearby Maipu and then take a bike tour of the wineries. Alternatively, if you want to save some money I know some people who just hired a bike independently and did the wine tours without the aid of a tour.

Plaza de Independencia


Yet another pretty area of downtown Mendoza, Plaza Independencia was another signature of the amount of beautiful downtown areas in Mendoza for me. It was also yet another nice place to sit with the Spanish books and work on your language learning (or it was for me anyway!) Mendoza is definitely a city suited for summer as there are many places to wonder and hang out in during lazy summer afternoons.

Tour the Andes


Photo credit; jkohen

Whilst Mendoza is quite a nice city, the main beauty of this place is really the countryside that surrounds it. Even just on the bus in to Mendoza from Cordoba, I was blown away as we approached the city by the mountainous scenery in the distance in the last hour or so of our journey. My advice if you’re coming here is to either take a tour or rent a car to explore the surrounding scenery in Mendoza. Unfortunately rental cars in Argentina are very expensive, but with Mendoza’s close proximity to the Chilean border you may find a much cheaper deal just over the border which you can also use in Argentina?

– If you were looking for a place to base yourself in Argentina while you learn Spanish I would highly recommend Mendoza. There are a number of language schools here, it’s a very nice place to live, and it’s also a wee bit cheaper than the capital Buenos Aires!

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  1. Katy says:

    I love the graffiti pic at the top!

  2. Rebecca says:

    looks like quite a nice city! I do love a good sized park in the sun to chill out with a community feel!


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