First Impressions of Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife)

On my third visit to Tenerife I decided to check out the north of the island more by staying in Puerto de la Cruz. These are my first impressions of the town.

Rocky Coastline

The one thing that stuck me about Puerto de la Cruz is the stunning rocky coastline. It may not be the best as far as beach time is concerned (the waves were really choppy and it’s mostly cliff sides and rocks), but it was rather beautiful.


Puerto de la Cruz does technically have 2 beaches, but in all honestly they’re not very good ones. Certainly not compared to the south of the island. For one they’re tiny. Secondly, the waves are quite strong coming in – which was good for the surfers – but not so good for my family and I as we had my 3 year old nephew to think about.

Nice Hotels & Restaurants

You can’t throw a stick in Puerto de la Cruz without finding a restaurant! There are plenty of places to eat out here and most of them are extremely affordable. In Nada Mas for example, a local restaurant about 5 minutes walk from Plaza del Charco, we got a Menu del Dia including a drink for a mere 5 Euros! You definitely won’t be stuck here for cheap places to eat!

We stayed at the Sol Costa Atlantis while in Puerto de la Cruz. It was by enlarge a very nice hotel and I would be happy to recommend it. The pool is a good size, there were great seaside views from the balcony, the food was of good quality and the staff all exceptionally friendly and fluent in many languages! I also rather enjoyed the spa. My only personal gripe is that they advertised that they were beach side (which they are) but as I’ve mentioned above the beach is tiny and full of rocks – so it wasn’t quite what I was expecting. The views were spectacular of the coastline, but as far as regular beach activities go it wasn’t so good and in all honesty if we’d known how small and rocky the beach was before coming, we’d have probably chosen a different hotel elsewhere on the island. As far as hotels in Puerto de la Cruz go though, it was definitely a good one.

Lack of Nightlife

Whilst the nightlife of Las Americas (in the south of the island) is not really my cup of tea, you can at least say that there is nightlife there. There are places for you to go. In Puerto de la Cruz it’s as dead as a dodo. It seems to be filled with restaurants and not much else. In the end we resorted to hiring a car and heading south for better quality nightlife because there were so little places to go. That said, what little bars they did have here were very cheap. Cocktails at most bars we came across were around 4 to 6 Euros and were very full in terms of measures. Also, if sitting around in a quiet plaza is more your thing then you will definitely like it here. I guess I was just looking for slightly more personally, but it all comes down to personal taste I suppose.


In the 6 days that I’ve been here so far, Puerto de la Cruz has had some cracking sunsets. The palm trees in particular have offered some stunning silhouettes to watch the sun come down, and the way it sets behind the mountains is just stunning.

All in all I don’t think I would base myself in Puerto de la Cruz again if I came back to Tenerife (if I’m being honest). It would be nice for a day trip if you’re based somewhere in the north of the island, and if you surf you’d probably love it here as the waves look great, but as a non-surfer the beach wasn’t up to much (compared to other beaches on the island) and the night life was almost non-existent. I still enjoy Tenerife very much as a holiday destination, but I can see myself heading elsewhere next time I visit.

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2 Responses to “First Impressions of Puerto de la Cruz (Tenerife)”

  1. Hi Jayne,

    Beautiful sunset shot! I’d love to visit this spot one day for the sunset shots alone. Since me and wifey are not drinkers and basically, reverse vampires – out during day, in at night – the lack of nightlife suits us well.

    We’re heading to Qatar in a few weeks. May need to pop over across Europe (and the Middle East) to check out this amazing spot.

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Arianwen says:

    It looks really nice. I was on a press trip to Tenerife earlier this year with Thomas Cook. The surfers went up there but I stayed in the south with the divers. Guess I need to go back!


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