First Impressions of Venice

Venice is unique. Sometimes when you’re visiting European cities all the time, things can become a bit of the same… They all have museums, art galleries, and usually a castle packed in for good measure. Sometimes you go somewhere that has a particularly special castle, or a particularly special museum, but for the most part, a lot of European cities are very similar and dare I say it – show you nothing new. Then comes along Venice. A city where roads are replaced with water, where steps lead down into rivers, where finally the hype was justified! And I’ve not even begun to talk about the Venice Carnival!

I was honestly awe inspired by Venice. I’m trying not to hype it up too much for you, but I really just loved my time there, and all I really did was walk/sail around, eat out, and drink out. But when you have an inspiring location you don’t need anything else. I think what amazed me the most was just seeing water used exactly as it would be like a road in another city. You had water taxis, water buses, and people on their own little private boats making their way about.

Tie that in with some truly inspiring architecture, beautiful little walkways, and some yummy Italian cuisine… I was in heaven. Venetian masks were also everywhere, a symbol of the annual Venetian Carnival held each year during Easter. You really have to see them in person to see how incredibly intricate and beautiful these masks are. The best part about the Venetian festival and the masks is what they represent too. The symbolism behind them is that when someone wears a mask you can not tell who they are. You don’t know if they’re rich or poor, where they come from, what sort of stature they may have in the world. Everyone is equal. The Venetian festival is all about equality, and you can’t help but warm to the Venetian people because of it.

Like most famous cities around the world, there is a price tag associated with the area and troves of tourists, but sometimes a location is popular for a reason. I think Venice is still very much worth going to despite this.

Venice is somewhere I would love to go back to and experience more of. I think it’s reputation as a couple’s destination however is very true. For the first time in a long time I really felt the solo tag of my style of travel. Even the practicalities of say wanting to tour on a gondola are very hard when you have to stoop up the €50-€60 price on your own (I opted for a €6 ride on the bus-boat instead!) However, the beautiful setting and couples on every corner felt a bit of a reminder to me that I was on my own-o! So my advice to you would be bring your boyfriend/girlfriend, or even just another friendly face to share this beautiful setting with should you rock up on to the shores of Venice…

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7 Responses to “First Impressions of Venice”

  1. Laura says:

    Venice is so beautiful! I want to go back now!

  2. Brent D says:

    Love your blog Jane. Always read it and enjoy the commentary & videos! Keep runnin! I have nominated you for a Lovely Blog Award!

  3. Raffaella says:

    I adore Venice, and I agree with the sentiment that sometimes everything starts to feel the same – no matter how excellent that “same” is.
    A thought for those set on a gondola ride (which I felt was worth the expense) – a few solo travelers could get together to split the cost and enjoy the truly unique experience of the historical transport.

  4. Cindy says:

    Thanks for this info! I was wondering if you’ve used before and if you’ve had a good experience with it. I’ve only thought about staying at places while in Italy. Thanks!

  5. Kara says:

    I’ve agree with you! I’ve been to Venice with my friends and it was realy exciting! We’ve visited museums and exhibitions, but we had so much fun as well! I remember Campo S. Margherita, a typical venecian square where guys usually meet day and night to have a spritz!!
    There were a lot of tourists but we booked online some tickets before our arrival. (I think that) we booked the “skip the line tickets service) on, and so we avoided a long queue that’s always at the main entrance of St.Mark’s Basilica! And please don’t forget that the most exciting thing to do in Venice is walking by night under the moon…It’s so magic, really!


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