Flying to Marrakech? Check out flights with BMI…

Any Euro trip in my opinion should also venture a little further afield into North Africa. You’ll get to experience an entirely different continent, and a completely different culture to anything you’ll find Europe, and depending on where in the continent you’re based you could find the flight to somewhere like Morocco or Egypt is actually shorter than a flight to somewhere else in Europe.

I recently flew from London to Marrakech with BMI (British Midland International), one of the major UK based airlines. It was my first time flying with BMI, and having spent the majority of my time in airspace on budget airlines, I must admit – I am now converted to more upscale airlines! The irony is when you add on all the fees a budget airline charges you on top of your airfare, a lot of the time you’ll find airlines like BMI are actually cheaper overall, or there’s not much in it. This is something I am finding more and more…

To give you an example, the flight I took on 1st March 2012 would have cost me around 100 GBP (BMI kindly flew me to Marrakech for free as part of this review just so ya know!). This includes all fees & taxes including luggage and a basic in flight meal. The only fee on top you may have to pay is 4.50 GBP if you are paying by credit card. Payment by debit card however is free.

If I was to book the same flight on the same day with Ryanair, the initial price I was quoted was 73 GBP. At first glance this looks cheaper, however once I add 15 GBP for 15 kilos worth of luggage, and the fee for paying by debit card it comes to 93 GBP. This is not including an in flight meal, and I am subject to very strict hand luggage dimensions. Had I had more than 15 kilos of hold luggage my total would have went beyond the 100 GBP price.

It should be noted that prices for both of these airlines on the London to Marrakech route does fluctuate depending on when in the year you book and how much advance notice you give, but going on the date in which I flew for the 7 GBP difference was more than worth it. It was refreshing not having to worry unduly about hand luggage size or hold luggage weight, and also be given free food & drink on board.

With all the above in mind I would therefore highly recommend BMI as an airline if you are considering flying from London to Marrakech. If you want to check them out for yourself, you can check prices, routes, dates, and book flights at

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  1. Knut says:

    Im going to London on Tuesday. I’ll fly Ryanair. How much did I pay? 9 euros, each way (from Norway). Cheap, huh? It was a promotional fare, and i’ll only travel with hand luggage. I paid with a prepaid Mastercard, their only free payment option. So there were no extra fees. Yahhooo!

    Non low cost airlines may sometimes be cheaper than low cost airlines, though. So you should always compare, and of course have in mind that budget airlines also charges some extra fees. I always fly the cheapest airline.

    However, I think it’s fair that budget airlines charge for hold luggage. The people in the check in desk and the people who load bags onto planes don’t work for free. Who should pay their salary? Me, who only travel with hand luggage and don’t use their services, or people who check in bags? Some of the other fees bugdget airlines charge, especially Ryanair, can be annoying, though. For instance the credit/debit card charge.


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