Follow Me from Central to Eastern Europe by Rail…

Inter Rail Pass And Map

Yesterday I arrived in Prague to take part in a EuRail/Inter Rail trip that will see me visit 7 countries in 30 days! Today I’m travelling to Austria for the official start of my EuRail trip from Vienna to Istanbul. The main reason I am exited about this trip is that I’ll get to visit 3 countries I haven’t visited before, and also delve a bit deeper into some countries where I’ve only visited the capital previously.

So why have I chosen to travel by rail?

In previous adventures by rail around Europe I discovered that train travel really forced me to see more of a country than travelling by plane. When you need to get from A to B quickly flying is naturally the better option for long distances, but when your main purpose is to travel and experience the world, you really need the option to get off and explore in between. With such an extensive rail network throughout Europe it naturally lends itself to exploring the continent in a more comfortable fashion than travel by bus.

In fact, even on long journey’s where you may have thought flying would be better, I often enjoy planning stop offs by rail in places I would never have visited otherwise. Often these places that I use to break up the journey turn out to be the best places that I visit on an itinerary. They’re like little welcome surprises and more often than not they allow you to see a place from more of a local’s perspective.

What route am I taking?

This (below) is the crazy route that I’m taking in order to get the most out of my pass and visit all of the destinations that I want to in such a short space of time! I could have quite easily picked a more straight forward route, and in my analysis I plan to show you these easier routes, but that’s the great thing about the Inter Rail and EuRail Global Passes – you can really travel just about any route you want. You’re given a free reign with minimal hassle.

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In fact, I will actually be visiting more destinations than what is on this map as in Hungary and Romania I will be making a few days trips by rail out to other cities (whilst being based in the capital cities for those nights). But I like to leave some destinations up to spur of the moment when I get there…

So if you’re interested in following me along on this journey please do. I will be tweeting and updating my facebook page regularly whilst writing a lot of destination based content on this website. If you’re considering doing a similar rail trip around Europe in the future you may also find a previous post I wrote useful. It gives an analysis of the Inter Rail pass and which passes (there are several) are best for which types of traveller.


6 Responses to “Follow Me from Central to Eastern Europe by Rail…”

  1. Mark says:

    Interesting itinerary jane! I look forward to following along with you and reading your analysis afterwards.

  2. Iain says:

    Good luck Jane! I’ll be following you every train of the way.

  3. Pay a visit to Kutna Hora Sedlec Ossuary in Czech, and Salina Turda in Romania! In Bulgaria, rather go to the coast villages and natural sites: Kaliakra, Nesebar,Sozopol

  4. This is something I might try next year so I look forward to seeing how you get on.

  5. Roxana says:

    enjoy Brasov! don’t forget to keep us posted! (ps. when will u be in Brasov, i might be there as well! i can show u around as it is m favourite city in the world!)

  6. Wow! Great idea, I would like to do the Balkans next year, this year I have decided for Caucasus region 🙂


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