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Before I pop off on a rail journey across Eastern Europe, I thought I would take the chance to see some of my home country of Scotland. One promise I made to myself since I began earning a living from blogging was that with every trip I made home I would see a little bit more of Scotland. It seems mad to have seen more of other people’s countries than I have my own, and so with this recent visit home to see my parents, I’m taking the opportunity to head up north for a bit.

From Monday 17th October (2011), I will be taking part in a 5 day tour of the Scottish Highlands thanks to the folks at Haggis Adventures. I chose Haggis Adventures because I felt like they offered something that was more of a mix of the independent backpacker style of travel that I love, with the traditional type of tours that you would expect in somewhere like Scotland. I thought it would be useful to document the highlights of each day of my tour, including pictures of the bus, the sights, the people, the accommodation, and anything else that may seem relevant, so that if you are ever considering taking a tour with Haggis Adventures in Scotland, you will have a good idea of what to expect! Also, it will hopefully give you a little taster of Scotland if you haven’t been here already, and ideally make you want to come visit my beautiful home country!

To follow my journey you can keep checking back here over the coming week for new blog posts, subscribe to the RSS feed, or follow me on twitter @runawayjane where I’ll be posting micro updates as I go along. You can also book your own Haggis Adventures Tour by heading along to their website –

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  1. Ross Corbett says:

    Have a great time Jane 🙂


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