How to find cheap(er) accommodation in Paris

Paris is one of the most expensive places to find hostel or hotel accommodation in Europe. For one night in a 3 star hotel, smack bang in the city centre, you can be looking to pay anything upwards of 83 EUR (70 GBP) per night. When you compare that to nearby London, where prices are much more competitive, at around 55 GBP (61 EUR) per night, you can see that Paris is somewhere a bit harder to travel on a budget than its neighbours. This is where alternative forms of accommodation become important.

One alternative you may wish to consider is to look at apartments in Paris. Renting an apartment can sometimes be cheaper overall than traditional forms of travel accommodation. Many people on short term ventures, travelling in a city for less than a week, often do not think of renting an apartment as an option, as it can be seen as more of a long term option, or something you would only consider when staying longer than a week. Of course, there will usually be discounts applied to most Paris apartments should you book more long term, but even if you are only staying one night, if you are travelling as a family or as part of a group it can work out much cheaper, and you also get the whole place to yourselves.

For instance, looking today on, I can rent an apartment for one night, for 5 people, that would cost a total of 175.59 EUR (157.29 GBP).  That’s 35 EUR (31.35 GBP) per person, per night. Aside from being a little cheaper per person in comparison to a hotel, you also get a whole apartment to yourself, complete privacy, and a good location too. Obviously, if you are travelling solo, then it’s not going to be cost effective to rent out an entire apartment vs. staying in hostel or hotel, but for couples, families, or groups, you can definitely save yourself some cash by opting for this type of accommodation in one of Europe’s most expensive capital city’s.

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