How to find the cheapest hotels in Edinburgh

As the most visited city in Britain after London, many budget travellers descend on Edinburgh every year looking for cheap accommodation and hotel deals all year round. Being such a popular city however, finding cheap Edinburgh hotels can be hard as prices naturally reflect the demand. So how do you find the best deal, and make the pennies stretch as far as possible?

Come during the off-peak season

Edinburgh’s off-peak season starts in September and finishes in May (excluding the Christmas & New Year periods). Hotels naturally have to lower prices to attract customers during these periods as they find it much harder to get business like the would in the busier times of year. If you can brace the cold, or would like to see an alternative side of Edinburgh when the crowds aren’t so busy, then save yourself some money and come during the off-peak season! Prices can be as much as 40% -50% lower when booking during the heart of the off-peak season, so it is definitely worth it for the budget conscious traveller!

Stay outside the city centre

Edinburgh is a fairly small city geographically and certainly in comparison to it’s population. You can quite easily walk everywhere! You can be situated just outside the city centre and still be only 10 minutes walk from Princes Street (the main shopping street) or the Royal Mile (High Street). You could easily walk 1 length of Edinburgh city centre in about 20 minutes. So by simply booking a hotel just outside of the city centre you will save yourself some cash, but still be in quite a good location for anything central.

Alternatively, if you really want to save some money, why not try a town just outside of Edinburgh but still within an Edinburgh postcode area? My home town of Linlithgow is a prime example. It takes just under 20 minutes to get from Linlithgow Station to Edinburgh’s Waverly Station (the main rail station in Edinburgh). The rail line is a bit pricey – an adult return will cost you around 8 GBP, but if you’re saving more than that on accommodation you’ll still be making a saving. You’ll also get more of a local’s view of Scotland by staying in a small town.

No-frills is best

If you’re planning on spending most of your time out of your hotel actually experiencing Edinburgh, then it doesn’t really matter what luxuries or added extras your hotel is offering as long as it’s safe, clean, and in a good location. There are many 5 star hotels in Edinburgh, but there are also lots of budget hotels too! As much as a swimming pool and sauna at your disposal is nice… you don’t actually need it! If you want it that’s a different story, but if you want to save money choose a hotel which offers more of a no-frills environment.

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