How to get from Prague Airport to the city centre for £1

I recently had a 1 night stop over in Prague on my way to Vienna and was reminded just how cheap the city is for public transport. In total it cost me £1.05 at the current exchange rate to get (legally and legitimately) from Prague Airport to PLUS Hostel Prague (my accommodation for the night) in the city centre. However, it’s entirely possible to go just about anywhere in the city centre from the airport for the same price. Here’s how;

(Please note: If you take a taxi from Prague Airport to the city centre it will cost you around £18 or more. It’s therefore a big saving if you simply go by public transport, hence why I have written this article for you.)

Tickets work across all public transportation

The first thing you should know is that the public transportation system in Prague is all incorporated, i.e. if you buy a regular ticket it is valid on all the buses, trams, and metro trains. For example, if you buy a regular adult one-journey ticket, you can use that on any form of public transportation in the city if it’s part of the one journey. This is provided your journey does not exceed 90 minutes. Due to the fact Prague is quite a small city (in comparison to the likes of London etc) it is very doable to get from the Airport to the city centre in that time. A standard adult one-journey ticket costs 32 CZK (£1.05 / €1.28 / $1.60). If you’re journey is going to be less than 30 minutes then you can buy an even cheaper ticket for 24 CZK, but from the Airport you would probably need a bit more than this so I recommend the standard 90 minute fare.

Where can you buy your ticket at the Airport?

As soon as you come through customs and into the arrivals hall you should see a public transport desk to your right alongside all the other desks. You can buy a ticket there, pick up a metro map, and/or ask any advice from the staff on public transport while you’re there. They speak English.

What if there’s no one at the desk or the ticket machine is not working?

It is possible to buy a ticket on the bus or tram from the driver, however, it is a bit more expensive to do it this way. One journey tickets bought this way cost 40 CZK (£1.30 / €1.54 / $2).

No metro station at Prague Airport

Generally speaking I’m always a little bit cautious about using buses in a foreign city because I’ve had many experiences where I’ve got off at the wrong stop. I’m much more comfortable with the metro because you just count the stops and it’s very straight forward even if you’re not familiar with your surroundings. However, getting the bus from Prague Airport was actually really straight forward because you simply get off at the last stop (the bus takes you to the nearest metro stop and everybody gets off there and hops on the metro with their ticket!) Because it was the last stop and the entire bus pretty much gets off and goes down to the metro it would be very hard to get lost. It’s really straight forward.

Which bus do you need to board at the Airport?

There are several buses that depart from Prague Airport that take you to relevant metro stations. These include No.119, 100, 225, and 179. I took bus 119 which goes to Dejvicka Metro Station on Line A (last stop) simply because it was the first bus that came when I was there. Travel time was approximately half an hour to Dejvicka. From there I boarded a metro train using the same ticket, switching at Muzeum for Line C and getting off at Nadrazi Holesovice. I could have then used the same ticket to board the tram (as I was still well within 90 minutes) but decided to take the 10 minute walk instead to my hostel rather than wait around. It should be noted that even if you’re not travelling anywhere near Nadrazi Holesovice train station, you will still have approximately 1 hour left to use on your one-journey ticket to go anywhere from Dejvicka metro station, including getting the tram once you’re off at which station you end up at.

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