How to get through the boredom of a flight


Flights are boring. There’s no way of getting around it. The destinations we visit may be exciting but often the mode of getting there is not. So how do we counter this boredom?

Moonwalk down the isle

Deep vein thrombosis is something we all want to avoid, and what better way to do so than through the medium of DANCE!!!!! I mean it’s always advised that on a long haul flight we get up from time to time to stretch our legs anyway… Personally I think this would be a lot more interesting if we moonwalked down the isle rather than walking? Otherwise I suggest singing an overly emotional version of Man in the Mirror to your fellow passengers. Bad news is they’ll think you’re crazy. Good news is you’ll get 3 seats to your self.

The bonus a fear of flying can have!

I imagine if you’re hurtling 33,000 feet towards earth the last thing you’re going to be thinking is if you’ve seen all the in-flight movies. So on the positive, if you’re feeling bored at least it means you’re not dying? Although this may be of more pleasure to me seeing as I have a major fear of flying!

Yell BOMB! (Just kidding)

Disclaimer; This post is just a joke. Please do not yell bomb on an airplane, in an airport, or anywhere really. If you do then you’re a moron who will most likely be arrested. Sorry, but I have to idiot proof this site sometimes! That said there is no denying it would remove the boredom of a flight, but it may replace that boredom with a feeling much worse when you’re pinned to the ground by some big beefy security men!

Play the ‘can’t touch the ground’ game

This game became somewhat of a favourite of mine at flat parties whilst a college student. The key premise is that someone has got to get around an entire room without touching the floor. They can stand on anything they want in order to get there, they can take a piggy back ride from a friend to pass a particular passage, they can jump, flip, slid across on a wheelie chair, the list is endless… Either way they have to get around the room without touching the ground. It probably helps if you’re rather inebriated at the time. This may not be that fun sober. In the case of the latter I have no prior experience so I wouldn’t know. However, I did always think this would be hilarious to do on board a plane if you could get all the other passengers on board!

– So these are my top tips for beating the boredom of a flight! What’s yours! 😉


3 Responses to “How to get through the boredom of a flight”

  1. Sammi says:

    Make friends with the people sat next to me and hold their hands on take off and landing! no seriously… in the days when easyjet let you choose your seats i made friends with two HUGE German men on the way back from Berlin.

    it was brilliant.

    otherwise, a good book, and a lot of sleep.

  2. Roni Faida says:

    I always bring my computer and watch movies or TV shows, read a book, or I sleep. I can sleep like I’m in a king sized bed while I’m flying!

  3. OCDemon says:

    I have decided I will enact each and every one of these measures on whichever flight upon which I embark next, and shall videotape said boredom-reducing measures until such a time as I a deem sufficient for maximum comedic purposes, and/or I get arrested. Whichever comes first.


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