How to make the most of Orlando, Florida.

Attracting around 47 million tourists per year, Orlando, Florida, is an extremely popular destination with more theme parks and entertainment attractions than any anywhere else in the world.

Theme Parks

Critical to Orlando’s economy was the announcement in 1965 that Walt Disney was to build Walt Disney World in the city. As a result, tourism became the centerpiece of the local economy, and as such, the area is now home to more theme parks than any other place in the world! They don’t just create theme parks in quantity however, I can say from first hand experience they really do produce the best theme parks in the world in Orlando, in my opinion. Admittedly, theme parks are not everyone’s “cup of tea”, but even if it’s not how you would usually experience your travels, you can’t come to Orlando and not go to at least one. Be it Disney World, Busch Gardens, or Universal Studios. It’s also fairly easy to find deals on Orlando theme park tickets online before you go, such as for Discovery Cove tickets. It tends to be that more days or parks you want to experience, the better the deal. As with anything, the more you are willing to purchase, the bigger the discount or deal tend to be. 

All you can eat

One thing America does well is fast food. When it comes to food they do everything to the excess, and they do it well! One thing that sticks in my head most about Orlando is the amount of “all you can eat” restaurants littered around the place. I mean you literally couldn’t escape them! Whether it was burgers, fries, salad, pasta, steak,shrimp, or even cheesecake that you wanted it was all there, all you can eat, usually for around $10 per person plus whatever you pay for drinks. Almost everywhere also seemed to have one of those plates where they would challenge you to eat it all, and if you did you’d get it free, and on the wall there be pictures of all these fat guys who’d done it! Again, not exactly where you’d go if you’re expecting a michelin star restaurant, but if you want value for money, and somewhere to fill you up, it is sort of part of the American experience if you will!

Sunshine City

Florida is sunny all year round. By no means does this mean the weather is perfect. In the summer it can be prone to Tropical storms, and also hurricanes. There there is the fact that it can get so hot people actually get hospitalised or worse for heat stroke! Always when I have been in Orlando I have heard of someone having something bad happen due to sun stroke, but like anywhere hot, provided you stay in the shade during the hotter hours around midday, keep well hydrated, and have lot’s of sun cream on, you should be fine. On the plus side however, and the reason I am mentioning it, is that if you want to escape the colder climates of further north, and get yourself a tan, Orlando is good place to be!

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