How to make the most of travels in your home country…

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Experiencing your own country should be an important part in any person’s lifetime travel experiences. For one thing, most people underestimate what they’re own country has to offer as a travel experience until they go out and discover it. The irony is that most travellers these days are searching for that ‘local experience’ abroad (myself included), but there is a great fun in discovering your home country like a tourist as I found out recently after spending a bit of time back home this winter. So if for some reason you’re stuck at home this summer there is no need to stay cooped up in the house. Here’s my top 5 tips for travelling at home and on a budget;

Take the car and go for a ride. Get lost in your home country…

We always talk about going out and ‘getting lost’ while abroad as the best way to discover parts of our destination ‘off the beaten path’, but this can also easily be done at home too. Take the car and go for a ride in the countryside. Start with a general direction, but allow yourself to drive wherever the wind takes you. Allow yourself time to stop as and when you want to get out and take pictures, go for a walk, or just take it all in. You’d be surprised at how doing something simple like this can leave you feeling refreshed. There are always places you haven’t discovered in your home country if you go out and get lost…

What if you’re travelling with kids?

I know when I was a kid I had no appreciation for experiencing areas of natural beauty, culture, or eating local cuisine. However as an adult these are 3 things that are very important to me when I’m travelling, and make up a huge part of what I enjoy about being on the road. If you’re travelling with kids sometimes what is best is to pick a good base for them with lots of kid-friendly activities on hand to keep them occupied while you jump in the car and go out and experience all those things they’ll appreciate once their older! For instance, in the UK (my home country) you can get cheap UK holidays with Butlins that have lots of kid friendly activities on-site such as water parks and a fair ground.

Visit the tourist attractions in your city

When you live in a city you don’t tend to visit the tourist attractions. You  live there, you go to work, you go out on weekends etc, but the one thing you don’t tend to do is go to the tourist attractions. After all you’re not a tourist in your own town. However, there is a great fun in just once doing all the typical tourist activities in your home city It’s a strange feeling at first, especially when you’re the only person there who comes from your town or even your country, but it can be a lot of fun . Usually once people find out that you’re a local they become especially interested in you too. You can act as a source of advice to the other tourists by giving them local recommendations. It can also be a nice way to get away from the stress of day to day life. It can be something which makes you feel worlds away from the 9 to 5 life yet it’s still something you can do right on your doorstep.

Start a blog and share what’s cool about your country!

Sometimes one of the most rewarding aspects of travelling in your home country is being able to share your local advice with international tourists. One of the best ways to do that is to share information about your travels and your top recommendations for your country in your own blog. You can then share this blog with people who come to your country and it will help them while they are here. I know I have met and engaged with many international tourists through my blog and being able to share what’s cool about my country has made me much more patriotic and passionate about the place that I come from.


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  1. Emma says:

    I think travelling in your home country is one of the most rewarding things! You can also do it when you don’t have money to travel abroad.


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