Interview with Christine Gilbert of – Post Your Questions!

I’m starting a new regular post here on, where I will be interviewing inspirational travelers and travel bloggers from around the world. The first interview I will be doing is with digital nomad, and freelance travel writer, Christine Gilbert from Christine is a particularly inspirational traveler & travel blogger to me because she smashes the preconception that many people have – that they think they can’t travel with pets or children. Christine and her partner travel with not one, but two big slobbery dogs! She also has a newborn baby with no plans to stop traveling anytime soon! In fact, she was traveling in Europe quite far into her pregnancy.

I’ll be asking Christine some questions on her travel inspirations, motivations, advice for other travelers, and also on some of her upcoming projects. This is also your chance to put forward some of your questions to Christine yourself. Maybe you have been following the Almost Fearless blog for some time and have a burning question you’d like to ask, or you’re also thinking of traveling with pets, a baby, or doing something similar to Christine and would like to ask her advice on something? Whatever your question is, post it in the comments section here, or send me an email to with the subject header Interview Questions, and I’ll pick the best one’s and post them along with your name and website URL.

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