KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Review: Amsterdam to Buenos Aires


On 2nd September 2013 I flew KLM Royal Dutch Airlines from Edinburgh to Buenos Aires via Amsterdam. I remember when I booked my flight back in January, and how I wasn’t sure at the time which airline to fly with. For that reason I thought it would be useful to review my journey with KLM now I’ve been so that if you’re thinking of flying a similar route to Buenos Aires you may find it helpful in your decision making.

Top 3 Things About Flying KLM

  • Entertainment System – One of the definite benefits of flying KLM long haul was the in-flight entertainment system. The individual TV screens were great because you could choose exactly what you wanted to watch and you weren’t stuck watching a film on a shared screen that you weren’t interested in. There was also an abundance of selection when it came to movies, TV shows, music, and games to choose from. It genuinely made the time pass a lot quicker – which is exactly what you want on a 14+ hour journey.
  • Free food & drink on board – KLM definitely get bonus points for this, not just for the long haul flight from Amsterdam to Buenos Aires, but also for my connection from Edinburgh to Amsterdam too. Most companies only offer inclusive food and drink on long haul journeys, but to have it on the short haul connection as well was a nice added bonus. Also, by airplane food standards it was actually quite nice with a decent supply of fruit and vegetable with each dish and good desserts.
  • Excellent staff & crew – The staff on KLM were especially polite, friendly, and helpful. Especially seeing as they were working on a shift that lasted over 14 hours on this flight I think they deserve a special mention!

Worst 3 Things About Flying KLM

  • Little leg room – My seat in particular had about half the leg room as most other seats on board because of an especially wide metal seat support that took up half the space where you’d usually tuck your bag or stretch your legs out into. I noticed that in every row just about there was a seat like this, so there was always going to be someone who didn’t have as much leg room. For a long haul journey it really sucked as I could fit my bag under the seat in front (meaning the pack with all the stuff I wanted access to on board was always having to be put up in the overhead locker.) It also just meant that I was a bit more cramped throughout my journey.
  • Seats didn’t recline properly – Again, this could have just been my bad luck but my seat and the other 2 seats in my row didn’t recline properly. Meanwhile the seats of those people in front did recline right back. This meant myself and the other 2 passengers in our row had to go the whole journey with very little room to move. Whenever I had to get out for the toilet I had to crawl over a seat as there wasn’t room to just slide out. It also meant my personal TV screen was far too close to my face and my eyes really began to hurt at times while watching it. I noticed there were some other people in rows behind me who had similar problems too. I think KLM could do with updating some of their recliner chairs and making a bit more room for the seats in any future seating plan layouts they have for new aircraft.
  • Late flight – I’m not going to hold this one against them too much as it was only by about 15 minutes, but it was still a bit late so I have to mention it.

What did it cost?

I paid £740 for a return flight booked via Opodo. This was the cheapest price I could find to get to South America at the time I was booking and included a £15.99 optional fee which means I can have unlimited changes to my booking/flights should I need them. Particularly for the return journey I thought this was a worth while investment as I don’t yet know if 5 months in South America will be too much or too little.

– Overall I think if KLM could upgrade their seating somewhat for long haul journeys I think they have the potential to rival any airline in the world. This was my only main gripe with them when it came to travelling in Economy Class. I’m flying Air France on my return journey back in February so it will be interesting to compare one of their partners and see if there is any difference!

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2 Responses to “KLM Royal Dutch Airlines Review: Amsterdam to Buenos Aires”

  1. john says:

    Interesting review. I’ve never flown KLM before but the free food and drink sounds good.

  2. Elena says:

    I flew KLM from Helsinki to Amsterdam and back in May. It was fairly short flight, so seats’ quality did not matter that much, but they did look a bit flimsy and worn out. The bigger problem was on the way back when, half way between Amsterdam and Helsinki, the captain announced that some luggage accidentally end up on the wrong plane. Luckily, I got my bag, but about 2/3 of all passengers were left without their luggage. Overall, price+seats+luggage debacle=it’s a 50/50 chance that I’ll fly KLM again.


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