Looking for trip ideas? Try Busabout…

The of you who’ve been following me on twitter or facebook may have seen my updates about my recent trip to Morocco. I recently took an 8 day trip of Marrakech & the Sahara Desert with the tour company Busabout. I can honestly say this was one of if not the best trips I have ever taken part in! So much so that I extended my trip to add on another 2 nights in Essaouira (currently my favourite town/city in Morocco if you’re looking for a beach location recommendation in the country).

I rode camels into the desert, slept under the stars of the Sahara, sand boarded, and quad biked around the High Atlas Mountains. We got cooking lessons from a local Berber tribe, had a local Hammam massage, and watched our local tour guide & co play the bongos next to the warmth of the nighttime fire in the desert. This was only some of what we experienced during our 8 days.

If you looking for trip ideas then Busabout are certainly an option I would recommend. Aside from the Morocco tour I did, you can also hop around mainland Europe, experience Egypt, or head off around Scotland and Ireland with their partners Haggis and Shamrocker Adventures. I’ve also had the pleasure of doing a Haggis Adventures tour around Scotland and thoroughly enjoyed experiencing a bit of my home country for a change!

As I currently think up excuses to go back to Morocco (it’s not hard), a big props and thank you has to go to Brahim! Brahim was our local Moroccan tour guide, and was responsible for taking us around the country, sharing his wealth of knowledge, and making sure we had a good time. For me (and I know I speak for the rest of the group when I say this) he did a fantastic job! His sense of humour was always fun on the longer driving days, and his knowledge of Morocco indispensable. He could answer every question you asked him about Morocco, and managed to give you back more info and insight than you ever could have expected. Even a day after our tour had ended, I needed some help finding an internet cafe to print my boarding pass, and he was there to help.

My Morocco tour seemed to have everything I could have asked for. Beautiful scenery, adventure filled activities, and an incredible tour guide. Thank you Busabout! 😀

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