My Top 5 Female Travel Bloggers


Today is International Woman’s Day, so I thought it would be  good excuse to list my top 5 female bloggers at the moment. All of these woman have inspired me through their travels, with some even being part of the reason I started to blog in the first place. I hope they can inspire you as much as they have me. 

In no particular order: 

Almost Fearless – I mention Christine Gilbert’s blog “Almost Fearless” in my about page as one of the bloggers who inspired me to attempt travel as a full time occupation. She writes about life as a digital nomad and how you can do it too. Probably most inspiring though is that fact that she is still travelling while being several months pregnant – with no plans to stop! For me personally, I have always worried about what I would do if or when I decided to have a family, and how I could continue my nomadic lifestyle at that point. It’s been interesting for me to read about someone who is in the process of doing that right now, and I think Christine is a great example of what you can do if you set your mind to it. 

Wendy Perrin – Wendy Perrin is a mum of 2, author, speaker, blogger, news editor, and advice columnist who manages to fit it all in and still travel. The fact that she can do all these things I think is inspiring for any woman, and gives me further motivation for the future that it is possible to have it all. 

Grrrl Traveler – Christine Ka’aloa has possibly the best named blog I have ever read! Every traveler needs a bit of Grrr in them! She shows you that you can go out and survive on the road even in the most challenging circumstances. 

Nomadic Chick – Jeannie Mark is a travel blogger who proves you don’t have to be 19 to travel. In her late 30s, Jeannie is carving a unique spot in the marker place for woman who would normally be expected to have 2.5 children and an office job. Instead she is choosing to finally do what she loves and is proving age doesn’t matter where travel is concerned. 

Candice Walsh – Candice is a professional writer and associate editor at Matador Network. Her blogs are always very funny and witty. She is a girl like myself who lives for the night scene and has a life full of random and bizarre moments (although admittedly mine are usually caused by my own doing and shall never be repeated on this blog! 🙂 )

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  1. Zuzana says:

    this is one of my favourites:

    Lots of wisdom in those pages and Ezine is worth receiving.

  2. You know what? I had zero clue you wrote this article. Never got a trackback, etc. How strange, and shame on WordPress! Thank you so much for the acknowledgment. It means a lot that my story resonates with people. And to be in such amazing company. You rock!

  3. OMG Runaway, I just found this article now! I had no clue– like Jeannie, I didn’t notice any trackbacks from WordPress either! I really appreciate that you’ve enjoyed my blog and can relate to some of my stories. I’m honored to be mentioned here on your blog of which I am a fan of too. You double rock!


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