NUS Extra Card Review – What Travel Discounts Can You Get?


As I’m now a full-time student in the UK, I’ve been looking at what student discounts are on offer travel wise to try and save me some money, and these are what I’ve found with the NUS Extra card.

First off, what does it cost for an NUS Extra card?

An NUS Extra card costs £12 for 12 months and you can purchase it for up to 3 years in advance, i.e. pay £36 for a 3 year card.

Is it worth the money?

It all depends how much you’re going to use it, but take for example the 40% discount off Pizza Express on Mondays. The first time I used that I got more than my money back for the card in the amount I saved in that one restaurant, so I think it’s worth it. From a travel perspective though, what are the best deals?

Top 5 Travel Deals with an NUS Extra Card

  1. 25% off National Express
  2. 20% off Eurolines
  3. 10% off Megabus (online)
  4. £15 off your first journey with Uber
  5. 5% of with Trek America

Whilst I think NUS could do a bit better in terms of the range of travel deals that they offer, they do still cover most of your main bases in the UK. For example, 25% off of National Express can get you a big chunk off the cost of your travel to pretty much any city in the UK. Their partner Eurolines also offers a 20% discount too, meaning you can get abroad for less as well (provided you’re ok with long distance travel by bus). Need a taxi in a hurry? Get £15 off your first journey with Uber with an NUS extra card too. Also, whilst it’s only a 5% discount off Trek America, given their tours often cost in their thousands, that’s still a substantial discount to be had if you were going to be making a tour of the US!

Free ISIC with every NUS Extra Car

It’s also worth noting that the NUS Extra Card now comes with a free ISIC, i.e. International Student Identity Card. This gives you a further 42,000 International discounts abroad – which from a travel perspective is a great recent addition to the NUS Extra card.

Overall Thoughts on the NUS Extra Card

Whilst I still think NUS could do better in terms of the diversity of travel discounts that they offer, e.g. there’s nothing offering discounted flights yet as far as I can see, overall I think the card is definitely worth the buy, both for travel in the UK and abroad.

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