Paris (On A Budget)

Paris is both one of the main transport hubs in Europe, and one of the most expensive cities in the entire continent. If you’re travelling around Europe for long enough you will find that you need to cross paths with Paris at some point, but how do you do this and not blow the budget?

Picnics in the park

Paris is known around the world for its top class cuisine, but unfortunately with that comes a price tag. Even a bog standard restaurant in Paris will cost you a lot of money. Instead, why not take advantage of the many beautiful parks the city has to offer such as Jardin des Tuileries or Luxemburg Garden. Almost every plaza is filled with a pretty little grassy area you can sit down on a bench and enjoy the atmosphere. Buying food out the supermarket and making up a baguette is easily going to be the cheapest way to have lunch while out and about.

Use the metro for all your city transport

I’m not the biggest fan of city metros. I find them a bit claustrophobic and stuffy. They are however the cheapest and sometimes best way to get around a city in the fastest time possible. Paris metro is no different. A one-way ticket will cost you around €1.70.

Couch Surf

Even ‘budget’ backpacking hostels will cost you a lot in Paris. The good quality hostels usually start at around €30 – €35 a night, although I did find a nice cheaper hostel recently in Absolute Paris Hostel. It didn’t have a huge amount of facilities, but it was cheaper than most, was clean, central, and had everything that you needed for a short stay. Still, if you can couch surf in Paris it will save you a lot of money as accommodation is the biggest spender for most when coming to the capital of France.

Student go free…

Many of the major museums such as the Louvre (home of the Mona Lisa) let students or under 25s go free. Others offer free entry at certain points of the day or certain days of the week. It can differ from museum to museum, so the key is to check before you go. However, if you’re a student and/or a young person under 25 then you will find a lot of museums and art galleries in particular that you can go to for free in Paris.

Drink some red wine by the Siene

Paris is not a place to go out at night if you’re on a shoe-string budget. Most bars and nightclubs will charge you a fortune. On average expect to pay around €6 for a beer if you’re out in a city centre bar, and that’s not talking about up-scale places which would charge more. A lot of Parisians will take a bottle of red wine and hang out by the river. Sit at a nice spot with a group of friends and enjoy the company & view. This is the cheapest way you can have a drink and not be sitting inside when in Paris.

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  1. Mark says:

    Paris is so expensive. I’d rather go somewhere in Eastern Europe, although thanks for these tips.

  2. Lance says:

    Picnics in the park or on the path along the Seine are the best! You can get lots of cheap picnic options at the markets in Paris. Thanks for another great post.


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