Photo of the Week – Isle of Skye (Scotland)

I took this photo a while back, but seeing as I’m back in Scotland I thought it was apt to share it with you now.

I’ve also just joined Instagram! For those who’re interested in following me on there, my profile name is runawayjane1. I’m currently uploading a lot of photos from my travels this year.

In other news Scotland related, I’ll be making a trip up north in the New Year after a special New Year’s Eve event that I have been invited to, but there will be more to come on that soon… I hope this picture makes you want to come to the Scottish Higlands!

3 Responses to “Photo of the Week – Isle of Skye (Scotland)”

  1. Emma says:

    Stunning picture Jane! I really want to come to Scotland now…

  2. Hetal says:

    I just visited Scotland last week and i totally loved the place. Edinburgh is so beautiful. i cant wait to go back there in summer 🙂

  3. It’s a really great picture! I heard that university studies are for free in Scotland. I’m not sure if this is valid for everyone or only EU citizens.


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