Prague – A city of two minds

Today’s post was written by Femke Gow.

Prague is a city of two halves; in one view, it is a city of historical and majestic architectural beauty filled with classic buildings such as St. Nicholas Church in Old Town Square. On the other hand, beneath the exterior, is a more under cover, up and coming, bohemian scene filled with bars, hostels and an unbelievable nightlife. By day, it’s busy, filled with a good mix of both tourists and locals, all friendly and willing to meet new people. This place takes such a hold on any one who goes there, so much so that one man we met on our travels came from Poland to Prague for a holiday and simply never left. We met a lot of other travelers so if you are planning a trip around Europe, it’s great to meet other people doing a similar journey and possibly meeting up with them later on during your travels. It’s safe to say that Prague was easily the highlight of our Eurotrip. When walking through the streets and amongst the culture, the bridges are full of painters, musicians and performers of any sort, simply there to share their talents and hobbies with whoever is interested.

If you’re looking for some hustle and bustle, Old Town Square is the place to be. Always lively and full of people, you can simply sit an enjoy a coffee in one of the café’s dotted around the square and pass the time by simply relaxing in the sun and soaking up the good vibes. The square is busy and happening, but it’s not crowded even on a sunny day. There is enough to do and see in Prague as a tourist that you won’t constantly feel surrounded by other tourists.

Now if you’re looking for even more of a cultural and active experience, then a walk to Vyšehrad fortress on a high cliff above the river Vltava. This was the one place that I decided I wanted to go when I decided upon my destination, Prague. We walked up along the walls and stopped off at a vineyard along the way to absorb the beautiful view and some delicious wine in one of Czech’s oldest vineyard, St. Wencleslas. Sitting outside, sipping on wine and virtually tasting it’s history, and simply bathing in the culture that surrounded us, we couldn’t have been more content. The vineyard overlooks the city of Prague, which from up there, looks like thousands of orange strips that appear to be roofs, and all you can do is imagine what’s going on beneath it all.

Another part of the underground scene of Prague is the nightlife. There is a huge up and coming house and techno scene that is somewhat hidden away from the mainstream nightlife of Prague, mainly located in the Old Town. Prague is also home to literally the biggest nightclub in Europe, Karlovy Lazne. The club has five floors, more than enough to keep you entertained for the night. Each floor with different type of music; there is definitely something for everyone in this gem of a nightclub. I would say that Karlovy Lazne almost sums up Prague in one building. In itself, it is a beautiful historical building, dating back to the 14th and 15th centuries. It has original mosaic tiles in some places on the walls and floors, and not but two of the dance floors are actual Roman style spa pools. How many people can say they’ve partied in a Roman spa pool? You can, if you take my advice and go to this city of never ending depth and artistic culture.

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  1. Thanks for the great tips! I went to a multi-floored nightclub in Singapore which sounds similar to the one in Prague except for the cool history part! I’d like to hang out in an old Roman Spa =).

  2. I’m glad you didn’t fit in a horrible Tale of Two Cities pun into your intro. 🙂 About how long was the walk to the clifftop Vyšehrad fortress?

  3. I swear Lori and i didn’t coordinate both posting on your blog. I visited just looking for your newest post and laughed when I saw she had posted a comment too. ^^

  4. Andrew told me we double posted =). Haha, we’re cute not creepy right? Right?


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