Reasons to step outside the captial: Visit York…

With the London 2012 Olympics coming soon to the UK and many visitors expected to descend on the UK to watch and take part in it, I wanted to remind people that as cool as London is there is more to Britain than simply the capital city! So many people visit England and never set foot outside of London, and for that reason I wanted to point out some examples (in a series of posts) highlighting other cities you can visit in Britain that can offer you something different or just as good as you will find in London. In this first post I thought I would start with York…

Cathedral City

If you’re someone who marvels at ancient Cathedrals and architecture then York is somewhere that you definitely need to see! You could easily spend a day just walking around this ancient medieval city, around the city walls, and into some of it’s more beautiful buildings.

Walking and ghost tours

Being such an ancient, historic city, a walking tour in York will allow you to see the city and take in some of it’s fascinating history. Many of those offered within the city are also completely free! There are also regular Ghost Tours held most evenings around 6pm (there are advertisements throughout the city centre for various companies) that allow you to experience the medieval history in a fun way too. You may find similar tours in somewhere like London, however in York it is usually cheaper to do something like a Ghost Tour than it is in London. Something worth bearing in mind…

Hire a boat!

If you’re looking for something a little bit different to do, then why not hire a boat and power up the River Ouse! Alternatively if you’re not comfortable with sailing a boat yourself you can hire a professional to do it for you for around 20 GBP per hour. Head out around 8am for sunrise.

England’s Festival City

York is sort of like England’s answer to Edinburgh when it comes to festivals. It’s also a similar size to my home city in Scotland. There are many festivals taking place throughout the year in York that you could take advantage of while you are here. The York Beer & Cider Festival is a particular favourite! The Viking Festival could also be interesting, or the York Festival of Food and Drink?

York is one example of the many fantastic cities around the UK that you can visit outside of London. I like London, don’t get me wrong, but there is so much more to see in the UK than just the capital. If you’re looking for York hotels while you’re here, you may also want to check out Octopus Travel.

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  1. Idun says:

    York is awesome! I’ve been there twice, and it’s definitely one of my favourite cities. The cathedral is great, and has some of the oldest surviving medieval stained windows. They are well worth a visit, and especially with a guided tour in the cathedral, as the guides will tell you things you otherwise wouldn’t notice. Such as small yellow monkeys being a part of the windows. And you can see traces of Roman headquarters and a Pagan church under the cathedral, showing how each new building “stole” some of the authority of the former, by building it in the same place. I’d also recommend the Jorvik Viking Centre in York, which gives an impression of how life was a thousand years ago, as York was under viking rule for a while, along with some of the area around.


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