Runaway Jane’s Round Up – June 6th

There’s been a lot going on in my world of late, and also a lot of new content and articles I’d like to share with you, all of which I hope you will find some use in. These little update style posts that I do every now and again usually prove quite popular with you, and with the summer just about hotting up and lots of new and exciting opportunities on the horizon, I thought it would be a good time to start a little monthly update and round up post. This will not just contain my own news, features, and articles, but also any interesting blog posts and content I find on the web too!

I’m the new PLUS Hostels ‘Resident Blogger’

In case you didn’t see my post a few weeks back, I am the new PLUS Hostels ‘Resident Blogger’. In a first for both me and PLUS, we’ve came together to create what we hope will be a really cool blog full of new and exciting content each week for you. Although the blog will of course mention the PLUS hostels & campsites in many of it’s articles, the idea is to create something first and foremost with genuinely good content. We want you to become a reader first, and then while you’re at it you may also consider booking a PLUS hostel for any European adventures you may be considering. We feel this will be better for the brand as well as for you.

Some of the latest articles on the blog include;

All blog posts are published on a Monday, and we’ve also just started writing a weekly travel tip, published every Thursday. There will be guest posts from other bloggers in the near future too. We hope that you find the new blog either useful, inspiring, or both. You’ll also continue to recieve new content here on as usual! Feature

Travel industry publication & website recently published an article featuring my work with PLUS Hostels as a case study for other bloggers seeking a ‘Resident Blogger’ position. It was very cool to be featured, and also a really intersting article. More importantly, it should hopefully help any other travel bloggers out there or bloggers in general who are looking to find one of these positions. You can read the article – Case Study; How To Win A Resident Blogger Gig by clicking on the link.

Future Projects

I’m currently in the process of writing my latest eBook. It’s going to be completely free for you to download once it’s released, and I’ve already managed to secure a few key sponsors for the project as well as having a lot of interest from others travel companies too! I can’t say much yet on the topic or exact date of release, but it shouldn’t be too far into the distant future. Anyway, it for this reason that I have chosen to come home for 3 weeks in June to get work done and also see my family whom I’ve missed a bit on my last little trip away! Looking forward to being at home for a while, getting on with some work, and being a lazy person on the couch!

Future Travels

I’m going to be taking part in a huge European adventure starting in July with Busabout! Busabout are going to be taking me on four of their trips this summer. I will be starting with their 7-day Spain and Portugal adventure, followed by their  hop-on hop-off service around Europe, the 3-day Italy tour, and then the Greek Island Hopper which will take me from Athens around 4 of the main Greek Islands. The trips will be back to back, so I’ll be starting on the 30th June and won’t be finished until the end of August! I’ll probably be needing a break after this and will most likely head back to Scotland for a month or two after to get on with some work too. However, I will also be attending this years TBU (Travel Bloggers Unite) conference in Porto in September for 3 or 4 days. So it’s going to be a busy few months after June! It’s going to be fantastic to take part in so many trips this summer. Especially the Greek trip – something I’ve been wanting to do for a while now. I’ve also never been to Greece before, and with the country currently being in the media spotlight for lots of reasons it will be interesting to be in the country during this time. Who knows… they may not even be in the Euro by the time I get there?

Blogger Spotlight

I want to use these round ups not just to talk about myself, but also highlight some other good travel related content I’ve come across this week from other bloggers that you may be interested in. The following are 3 articles that I think you should take at look at;

  • Photo Essay; Busabout 8 Day Turkey Sail – by Four Jandals – my buddies Cole & Adela from recently took part in a Busabout adventure too. It was the first ever Busabout 8 day Turkey sail! The pictures in this post are really beautiful, and really make me want to go to Turkey!
  • First Time In Sydney? Five Must See Sites – by Nicole Travel Bug – As a native Australian, Nicole gives you her 5 must see sites in Sydney for first time visitors. Sydney is my favourite destination in the world. Just thinking about it gives me smiles. Nicole makes some good choices here in her article. You should check it out!
  • Seeing A Doctor In The UK – by The Aussie Nomad – A practical post by Chris, a.k.a. The Aussie Nomad, about how to register with a doctor in the UK when you arrive. In most cases it’s free to see a doctor in the UK, and registration process is quite simple, but you won’t just be able to turn up and get an appointment so the post is very useful for any people coming to the UK from abroad.


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  1. Chris says:

    Cheers for the mention Jane. I’ve been trying to get back to some more practical posts now that my time is up in the UK. Hopefully some of them will be useful for other travellers looking to move to the UK like I did.

  2. John O'Nolan says:

    Thanks for writing one of our most popular articles for the month, Jane 🙂


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