Should you book the Busabout 7-day Iberian Adventure?

I recently took part in the Busabout 7-day Iberian Adventure. In 7-days the trip takes you to 9 destinations in 3 countries. Having been on the trip just recently, I thought it would be useful to write an analysis of the Iberian Adventure, the pros, cons, and highlights, including what type of traveller would suit this particular tour. This way if you’re considering booking the trip, or are looking for a trip like this, you’ll be able to work out whether this tour will suit your style of travel or whether you should opt for something else.

Where do you go?

With any tour you’re going to want to know where it will take you and what sights you will see before you decide whether to book or not. Busabout’s Iberian Adventure starts in Madrid and does a round trip, taking in all of the following cities; Cordoba, Seville, Lagos (Portugal),  Tarifa, Tangier (Optional Moroccan add on), Ronda, Granada, and Toledo. In 7 days you can take in 9 cities and 3 countries; Spain, Portugal, and Morocco.

The pros of this are that you get to see a whole range of destinations, many of which vary greatly from one another. You get the big city in Madrid, stunning sights in Ronda and Granada, beautiful beaches and party nightlife in Lagos, as well as a visit to Africa – a completely different way of life in Tangier, Morocco.

The cons of this are that with so many destinations packed into just 7 days, you can feel quite rushed in certain destinations, particularly Tangier where you only get 3 – 4 hours in the city, including a 4 course meal and visit to a Berber pharmacy.

A trip like this would therefore suit someone who wants to see as many places as they can, but maybe doesn’t have a lot of time to do it. Maybe you only have 2 weeks off on vacation, you don’t have enough money to travel more than a few weeks, or you only have a small amount of time left on your trip to Europe to pack everything in. I’m sure a lot of you will fit one of those descriptions at some point, and if this is the case, then this tour will be great for you!

Activities, price, & what’s included?

An adult price for the Iberian Adventure is €589, and for a student with valid student ID it’s €565. What that includes is all of your transport throughout the tour (you just have to get to Madrid), and all of your accommodation whilst on the tour too. Some activities are included such as the history tour of Seville, and your guide will be there to take you to the best bars in Lagos, and the tapas crawl in Granada, but as a general rule most activities you have to pay on top for. You’ll therefore need to bare this in mind when setting your budget. I’d recommend adding a good €150 on top of what you pay for the tour for optional excursions and activities. You will also have to budget for food as most of the accommodation doesn’t include breakfast, and none of your meals are included other than on the Moroccan excursion where a 4 course meal is included.

Although the optional activities will cost you money, there is a great range to choose from. You can go kayaking in and around the beautiful caves of Lagos, learn to dance Flamenco, soak up in the Hammam baths, visit Spain’s most popular (and arguably beautiful) tourist attraction in the Alhambra, and hop over to Tangier for a taste of Africa!

The pros of all these activities are that there is such a huge variety of things to do to suit many personalities,. You have both adventure and cultural activities to choose from.

The cons are that almost all of the activities are add on’s, e.g. you have to pay for them on top of what you paid for your trip.

Standard of transport & accommodation

The Busabout bus was fantastic! There was lots of sockets for everyone to plug in their phones, iPads etc, enough room for everyone, and it just made things easy getting from A to B. You didn’t have to worry about getting from the train/bus station to y0ur hostel, the driver knew the way already, and often got you there ahead of schedule! Our driver Joe was also just an all-round cool guy. On the days where he didn’t have to drive in the morning he was partying along with the rest of us, showing us that Hungarians can drink anyone under the table!

Some of the accommodation provided on the tour was fantastic, and some of it was average. The Seville and Granada hostels were hotel standard, and the Lagos apartments were really nice except for the fact they had no wifi available. The Tarifa hostel was notably not as good as any of the other accommodation on the tour, but it was clean, safe, and central so I personally had no problems with it.

My only advice as far as accommodation is concerned for anyone who books this trip would be to choose a different pre and post departure hostel than the drop off point. The only reason I say this is that there is absolutely no air conditioning or fans in any of the rooms at Equity Point Madrid. Other than that it’s a great hostel, but no-one could sleep properly on the night they were there. For that reason I’d recommend staying at a nearby hostel, apartment, or hotel, and simply coming to the meet-up point in the morning in time for departure.

What was the guide like?

Out Busabout guide came across as very friendly, upbeat, and engaging. She had a natural knack of telling the history of each place without boring you, and generally kept it interesting.

So who would this tour suit?

If you’ve never been to Spain before then I think this tour would be fantastic for you. Also, for those with limited time to see all the sights, i.e. you don’t have time to spend months in each country, this will really provide you with a quick insight into each destination and provide lots of photo opportunities. It’s also a tour that might suit first time travellers. Sometimes going travelling, especially on your own, can be a bit daunting. A tour like Busabout’s Iberian Adventure can break you into travel, and allow to see parts of Spain, Portugal, and Morocco but in the comfortable surroundings of a tour group.

If you’re more of an indie (independent) traveller at heart, then I’d recommend something like the Busabout hop-on hop-off loops instead. You can then set your own timescale in each destination, and be left to your own devices more to pick and choose, but you still have all your transport sorted around Europe which saves you a lot of hassle.

(Please note; Busabout gave me this tour for free for the purpose of this review.)

7 Responses to “Should you book the Busabout 7-day Iberian Adventure?”

  1. Laura says:

    Sounds like a cool trip!

  2. Looks like a fun way to travel and meet people. I would probably find the totally organized tour too confining but the jump on jump off looks like a great option.

  3. edddy says:

    very true account and nice article jane ; )

  4. Benjamin says:

    Busabout was fantastic. Can I just confirm though. Equity Point Madrid is a hole!!!

  5. Jeremy says:

    This reminds me of when I did Birth Right. I think those kinds of trips are fun sometimes and maybe better if you go with a friend.


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