Temporary Change of Theme, i.e. the design has changed temporarily

For any regular readers out there at the moment, you may have noticed the site looks very different at the moment from what it usually does. I have had to temporarily change my WordPress theme, i.e. the template I use for the site which most of the design is based around. This also means my custom header has been removed temporarily, as there is no facility to use it with the theme I am using currently.

The reason for this temporary change is that I’ve been having problems with my usual theme (These 1.8) in that it appears to be blocking all the comments from showing on my posts, and also stops people from commenting too. It’s been doing this for several weeks now, and unfortunately my basic knowledge of html has led me to change themes, therefore allowing people to comment on posts again, while I figure out how to fix the problem.

Hopefully this has not caused too much inconvenience for anyone, but I just wanted to let you know as the design appears quite different, and you may have thought you have come to the wrong site! 🙂

Also, if any techie people out there have any idea how to solve this problem with the Thesis theme your help would be much appreciated!

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