The art of knowing when to leave…


I write this post to you because lately I have been feeling the brunt of the low points of travel. The constant goodbyes, the lack of a familiar face when you need to see one, or just something as simple as craving my mum’s home cooked mince ‘n’ tatties (a traditional Scottish home cooked meal.)

As someone who has been blogging about travel now for over 18 months, I sometimes feel like I am handing out advice to other travellers and backpackers online all the time. I enjoy passing on any tips I have, or travel related information that may help someone else, in order to help them avoid my own mistakes. Yet sometimes things happen which really make me realise that there are certain aspects of travel which I really haven’t mastered yet. At times it makes me feel like a newbie traveller all over again, and although this feeling can sometimes bring back that added thrill you get when you’re first starting out, it can also just leave you feeling frustrated at what feels like your own stupidity sometimes! The latter being a much more familiar feeling with me of late.

The one skill I lack the most while travelling is knowing when it’s time to go. When it is time to leave a destination, so that you are departing while you are still having fun, rather than clinging on until the end, hoping that the fun times will just come back. If I am enjoying myself a lot in one place I always extend my stay far too long, or return at a later date, despite knowing full well from experience that it will never be as good as the first time! I have done this with my time here in Sevilla over the summer, and so now I leave in a way I wish was not so.

So, as unexpected as my trip was to take me to Sevilla for the summer (I had planned to stay there only 2 days), it is just as spur of the moment for me to decide today that I will be leaving on the next bus out of here. I should have left here 6 weeks ago, but instead I dragged it on too long, and began to despise a city I once loved, and that had really began to feel like home.

I hope that in time nostalgia will make me think back on my time in Sevilla and smile. It saddens me to think that I will not be able to do that, for reasons which I will not go into right now on this blog. One thing is for sure though, I will certainly have a lot of great memories from my time here to counter the bad, andI have met a lot of really cool people, but for now, it is time to get my ass out of here!!!!

Sad post over for today.

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