The benefits of being a travel blogger

Lately I’ve been experiencing the many benefits of being a travel blogger, and I must admit, I’m enjoying it! People go on too much about how hard it is to become a successful travel blogger, and it certainly is by no means easy, but sometimes I think it’s good to remind yourself of the huge positives of this life, and use them to balance out any negatives.

1. The Travel Blogging Community

These days I actually enjoy chatting to other people on twitter who I’ve never met sometimes more than those friends that I know well on facebook! Doesn’t sound too great when it’s said out loud like that, and of course I love chatting and spending time with my real life friends, but the reason I enjoy twitter in particular so much is because of the travel blogging community! There is an ever growing network now of travel bloggers who all use twitter both as a network to promote their travel blog, but also to get to know others within the travel and/or travel blogging communities.

If it wasn’t for sites like twitter, travel blog exchange, and social networking sites in general, my site certainly wouldn’t get as many visitors as it currently does. Whenever you have any questions relating to your travel blog, or are looking for advice in some way to do with your blog, you ask a question on twitter and almost always there is someone within the travel blogging community who is willing to help you out. Whenever you are feeling down or like things aren’t going as fast with your site as what you’d like, one comment on twitter and you’ll sound find out there’s hundreds of others out there too feeling exactly the same. Even when you are just bored, the network of travel bloggers on twitter are constantly posting/sharing new and interesting travel related content for you to check out. You make friends with other travel bloggers you haven’t even met, and find people you have so much in common with who come from countries and cultures that may be very different to your own, but who share the same passion as you.

I’m really glad I started a travel blog, because taking travel and making money aside, the huge added bonus of the travel blogging community was a very nice and surprising benefit to the whole thing.

2. Meeting other travel bloggers

I’ve only just started meeting up with other travel bloggers very recently, and it’s something I wish I started a long time ago! Being able to meet up with those people you know from the travel blogging community, find travel buddies online, or even just put a face to a name and have lunch with some new people has been a really enjoyable experience!

3. The illusion of being super cool

I must admit, this last year or so of blogging has definitely given me a really cool talking point when I meet new people. One of the first things that people usually ask you when they meet youfor the first time is what you do for a living. Everytime I respond with the words “travel blogger” or “travel writer”, it’s almost always followed by being saying “oh that’s a really cool job”, and/or followed by them asking lots of questions about it and having a real interest in what I do. It definitely is a really interesting job, and after years of working in call centre’s when I was in my late teens, it always feels really good to be able to respond to that occupation question with something interesting and that I feel really proud of.

The only slight downside to all this is that if someone knows what I do before they meet me, they almost always imagine me to be much cooler than I am! They must imagine some worldy windswept woman, and really all they’re getting is a wee girl from Scotland who doesn’t want to work in sales! I’m really just someone who thought “why not give it a try?” There are lots of people out there more well travelled than I am, are better writers, are more intelligent, and know more about the world than I ever will, but they just didn’t get off their bum and give travel blogging a try. There is this illusion of travel writers having this cool job (and it is an awesome job), but that doesn’t make us ourselves cool! Still, this whole illusion of me being very cool is something I can definitely live with! 🙂

4. Creative outlet

Being able to write most days about something I’m really interested in is one of the greatest creative outlets ever. As a creative person by nature, I really just couldn’t live without having some sort of form of expression. Even if it’s wasn’t writing, I’d still be drawing, singing, dancing, or doing something else that allowed for me to express myself, and being able to do that plus earn enough money to live & travel from it, is a huge benefit to being a travel blogger. That, and the fact that as a blogger you self publish, giving you complete control over the content you write and produce, means you never feel that creativity is stifled.

5. Travel

It may take several months to get to the point where you can pay for your travels with your blog, but having just recently got to that point around 4 – 5 months ago, I must say it really does feel unbelievable! Knowing that I don’t have to work a job I hate for several months to save up to go away is a really big deal for me, and something which many people feel cornered into if they want to travel. Ultimately, this is the biggest benefit to travel blogging – being able to travel continuously if you choose.

– In the nature of positivity, if anyone reading this has experienced any other benefits to travel blogging they would like to share, please feel free to share them in the comments sections. I would be very interested to hear about them! 🙂

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5 Responses to “The benefits of being a travel blogger”

  1. Paul says:

    First of all, a really good interesting post.

    Being fairly new to travel blogging i’ve been pleasantly suprised as to how friendly and welcoming the travel community have been.

    I was expecting it to be similar to other areas where it’s all cutthroat and trying to outdo each other. Instead everyone seems to get along and getting involved on Twitter has been great.

    I’m attending my first gathering of fellow bloggers in a couple of weeks time in Manchester where I think I’ll feel completely part of the community.

    As for it being able to pay for my travels that mat be a good 12 months to a few years away. Improving my writing and getting awareness of my blog out there may be a slow process, who knows.


  2. Katherina says:

    Hi Jane! Nice post. I was actually planning on writing something similar after my first real-life mee-tup with travel bloggers. It’s a shame you couldn’t join us at the end, but hopefully next time!

  3. Amanda says:

    Great post! After quite a few years of travel blogging I met up with a couple of other travel bloggers for the first time just last year – and it was such a thrill! So nice to hang out with people you have so much in common with.


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