The Do’s and Don’ts of Living In A Hostel

One thing I love about staying in backpacker hostels is the amazing atmosphere and people you meet. It has to be said though; there can be some definite downsides if you happen to get stuck in a room with someone who clearly doesn’t appreciate that they are sharing a dorm room with other people! I’m sure at some point or other we have all been that person, but there are some who are worse than others, and it is for them that I have created this post!


…turn the light on in the middle of the night!

When you are staying at a hostel it’s always important to remember there may be other people in your room that are working the next day, or off out early for a trip. The least you can do is not put the light on if you’re coming back late after a night out etc. So many people do this, and it’s really inconsiderate for the people who are trying to sleep. There are a lot of people who may find it hard to get back to sleep after being woken, so use your phone as light instead when making your way to your bed!

…rustle your bags in the middle of the night!

In every hostel you go to there will always be someone who likes to rustle their (usually) plastic bag in the middle of the night! It may just be someone getting up early for a flight and trying to pack, or looking for their phone etc during the middle of the night. Either way it is annoying! If you need to pack do it the night before, or wait till the morning to search for whatever it is you think you suddenly need in the middle of the night!

…have sex in the dorm room!

Living in a hostel with young and/or drunken backpackers, it is inevitable that some will want to…spend some more time together! I think I speak on behalf of everyone however when I say we don’t want to hear/see you getting it on under the sheets! Find somewhere in the common rooms, bathrooms, washing rooms, garden, beach, pool, or anywhere really except from the dorm! You could always splash out on a private room for the night, and put that Barry White track on you iPod to good use! 😉


If you’re someone who snores loudly go see your Doctor about possible solutions or don’t stay in a dorm room! I reserve the right to throw a shoe at you in the middle of the night otherwise!


…clean up after yourself!

This one probably goes out more to the 18 year old Gap Year kids who have never lived away from home until now…but make sure you clean up after yourself! Sounds simple, but so many backpackers just don’t clean up after themselves, particularly in the kitchen. If you eat or cook off a dish then clean it. You wouldn’t want to eat off of dirty plates so why should anyone else?

…be quiet.

Every backpacker likes to party, but when you come back after a night out, please try to be quiet for those trying to sleep. I’ve probably been guilty of this one myself, as I am really clumsy when I’ve had a few drinks! At least try to be quiet though when you come back from a night out. No one wants to be woken with you falling over or stumbling to your bed.

…chill out and enjoy yourself!

This is probably the most important one of all! Most people you meet in a backpacker’s hostel will be on the lookout for a good time and generally there to enjoy themselves. Even if there are a few people who may irritate you at times, or your somewhere where you feel a bit out of your depth, don’t let it get you down. Make sure you have fun as that’s why you went travelling in the first place!

To anyone who has irritated me in a hostel before (particularly the guy who used to rustle his plastic bag every night in Sydney) I dedicate this post to you! 🙂

7 Responses to “The Do’s and Don’ts of Living In A Hostel”

  1. Dijana says:

    Hi, i really like your post, and so true about everything you wrote. I have had experience about most of the stuff. My recent was in Berlin, a guy came late at night, behaving like there is no one the room, turning the light on, baging with closet doors,, ,and irony above all was that the only avalible bed was above me, and he was like 100kg weight, maybe more. When he finally went to bed, he start to snore like helllllllllllllll. It was unbearable, no one in the room couldn’t sleep all night, we were kicking him, threw a things at him, but nothing seemed to work. He didn’t mind at all. Good thing that he stayed one night….

  2. Emily says:

    I always move my pjs/toothbrush/bedtime stuff to the top of my backpack before heading out at night, that way, even if my bag is in the locker, they are easily accessible without having to be the annoying person going through their bag. My pet peeve is the person whose phone goes off all night without them waking up. Put it on silent please!

  3. ayngelina says:

    I hate plastic bags, could there be anything more annoying?

  4. Melissa says:

    Sounds like you’ve slept in enough dorm rooms to get fully annoyed with just about every annoyance one could come across! How well do you sleep, btw?

    • jane says:

      Hi Melissa
      I sleep pretty well in most hostels. The do’s and don’ts above are not things that annoy me greatly, however they do happen. Is all meant in good fun.

  5. Colin says:

    Found this post through Aussie on the Road. Good points.

    People having sex in a dorm is terribly obnoxious AND tacky. They should spring for the private room. Next time it happens to you, maybe you can turn the lights on or power up your laptop for some late night writing 🙂

    Also, trust no man who doesn’t snore!


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